How to get the Electro Fist fighting style in Demon Piece


    As an anime-inspired Roblox fighting game, Demon Piece features a variety of fighting styles and one of them is Electro Fist, considered as one of the best combat techniques. So, here is a detailed and complete guide on how to get the Electro Fist fighting style in Demon Piece.

    How to Unlock the Electro Fist Fighting Style in Roblox Demon Piece

    Obtaining the Electro Fist fighting style is relatively simple, as all you need to do is interact with the NPC Carrot and spend a whopping 200,000 belizes to acquire this fighting style. In case you are running out of money, the best way to acquire Beli for free is by claiming daily rewards regularly, completing quests, and opening treasure chests that appear randomly throughout the map.

    However, many of you may have difficulty finding the NPC Carrot because the game does not mention its exact location on the Demon Piece map, so I also have you covered with the location of the NPC Carrot in Demon Piece.

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    Location of NPC Demon Piece Carrot

    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    The NPC Carrot looks like a rabbit with an orange hat and appears in the Skypiea Island in Demon Piece. However, I was not able to access the island until I arrived level 315 in the game, so make sure you meet this condition before heading to your destination.

    Once you’re on Skypiea Island, look up to see the massive cloud platforms that are connected by a gigantic white bridge. Simply use the bridge to navigate to the cloud platform, where you will find the Carrot NPC right next to the lighthouse.

    Demon Piece Electro Fist Abilities Explained

    Below, I’ve compiled the full list of Electro Fist’s abilities along with instructions for unlocking them:

    • Basic attack: It is a basic electric punch that deals 155 damage to the opponent in a single hit.
    • electromoon (Unlocked by mastering Style 1) – Sends an electric laser beam to the enemy’s location, damaging all nearby opponents with an electrical charge. You can activate this ability by pressing the Z button on your keyboard.
    • Electric board (Unlocked with Style Mastery 75) – As the name suggests, your Demon Piece character launches towards your opponent with an electrical charge that deals 259 damage. You can activate this ability by pressing the X button on your keyboard.
    • Electro claws (Unlocked at 150 Style Mastery): With this skill, your character performs a series of claw attacks, dealing a total of 1075 damage to all nearby enemies. You can activate this ability by pressing the C button on your keyboard.

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