Minecraft Championship Season 4 Teams, Date and Time (MCC 46)


    The Minecraft Championship returns for its fourth season in 2024. If you plan to watch it, I’ll tell you when MCC 46 will start and all the teams so you can choose who to support.

    Minecraft Championship Season 4 Date and Time

    The Minecraft Championship is a tournament where Minecraft content creators compete in all things Minecraft. It’s the perfect setting to watch your favorite creators compete in everything from parkour to fighting and more. The season is scheduled to begin on May 4, 2024, according to a video posted on its Official Twitter.

    The championship will begin at 8 pm British Standard Time. For American fans of the Championship, it starts at the following times.

    • 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    • 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST)
    • 2:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST)
    • 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    • 9 am Hawaii Standard Time (HST)

    If you’re a new fan, check out their official preview from the start of the competition to see what it’s all about.

    All Minecraft Championship Season 4 Teams

    The Minecraft Championship consists of 10 teams of 4 Minecrafters. This means there is a 1 in 40 chance that your favorite Minecraft creator will be in the tournament! Mine is GoodTimesWithScar, so I was excited to see it on the Green Geckos team. Hopefully, you’ll also see your favorite creator on one of the teams.

    red rabbits

    Image via MC Championship at Twitter.
    • Feinberg – Feinberg is a popular Minecraft speedrunner who has held multiple Minecraft speed world records. His appearance at MCC 46 will be his first time in the tournament.
    • The sound of Orion TheOrionSound is a Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch Streamer whose most recent content has focused on SMP (Multiplayer Survival). He has played in the MC Championship 17 times since the third season.
    • KaraCorvus – KaraCorvus is a popular cosplayer and variety streamer who has been a familiar face on the MC Championship scene since playing in Season 1 as part of the winning team. Since then, she has played in the tournament 27 more times and has appeared in other events such as MCC All-Stars and MCC Pride.
    • icy chaos Chilled Chaos is a variety streamer that brings hilarious chaos to any Minecraft server you join. This will be my first time participating in the MC Championship tournament.

    orange ocelots

    Image via MC Championship at Twitter.
    • Shadoune666 – Shadoune666 is a French streamer who speaks Spanish and plays Minecraft Hardcore, Survival and PvP. He joined the MCC 30 in 2023 and has played the tournament 6 times.
    • OwengeJuiceTV – OwengeJuiceTV is a hardcore Minecraft streamer who runs his own PowCreations, a Minecraft SMP development company. He started out at MCC playing in an MCC R team, but has since played in the Championship three times.
    • Solidarity – Solidarity is a Minecraft SMP YouTuber who also creates Minecraft reaction and collaboration videos. He has appeared in the tournament 27 times since Season 1 and won three times.
    • dark eyebrows – DarkEyebrows is a varied Twitch streamer with experience in Minecraft SMP. He debuted at MCC 31 in 2023 as a substitute and has played in the tournament three times.

    yellow yaks

    Image via MC Championship at Twitter.
    • fruit berries – Fruitberries is a Minecraft streamer on Twitch best known for Parkour, speedrunning, and PvP. He has played in the MC Championship 22 times, winning at MCC 6, MCC 9 and MCC 26.
    • KryticZeuZ – KryticZeuz is a variety of YouTube and Twitch streamers who stream everything from Minecraft to The Sims. KryticZeuz has played in the MC Championship 16 times starting with his appearance in MCC 1.
    • vGumiho – vGumiho is a Twitch streamer who plays a variety of games, including Valorant and Life is Strange. He has played in MCC 13 times and won once in MCC 33.
    • Falsesymmetry – FalseSymmetry is a Minecraft streamer that specializes in HermitCraft and Survival. She has played the tournament 22 times and is the first player to have won 3 and 4 times.

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    lime flames

    Image via MC Championship at Twitter.
    • Seapeekay – Seapeekay is a variety streamer with a lot of Minecraft content, including Minecraft SMP. He is a familiar face on the MCC scene, having been a member of a winning team in 4 of the 28 MCC tournaments he has played in.
    • HBomb94 – HBomb94 is a Minecraft variety streamer and member of DreamSMP. He has appeared in the tournament 27 times since the first season and is the first player to achieve six victories in the championship.
    • Iskall85 – Iskall85 is a Minecraft streamer and long-time member of the HermitCraft community. His appearance in MCC season 4 will be the second since his first appearance in MCC 5.
    • Cubfan Cubfan is a YouTuber and Minecraft live streamer who creates Minecraft tutorials and HermitCraft content. He first joined the MC Championship alongside iskall85 at MCC 5, having made a further 16 appearances in the tournament since then.

    green geckos

    Image via MC Championship at Twitter.
    • firebreathman Firebreathman is a Minecraft streamer known for competing in Minecraft competitions. Firebreathman started out as a tester for the MC Championships, but moved on to compete in the games. He has played in the tournament six times, winning twice since MCC 27.
    • small beans Smallishbeans is a HermitCraft and Survival Minecraft YouTuber and streamer. He is one of the players of the first season of the tournament and has played in the championship 24 times.
    • Xisuma – Xisuma is a Minecraft variety streamer who produces content including Minecraft tutorials, HermitCraft, and more. His participation in the fourth season of MCC will be his first.
    • good times with scar GoodTimesWithScar is known for its Minecraft Survival and HermitCraft content. He has played in the MCC tournament 13 times, and two of those resulted in wins.

    cyan coyotes

    Image via MC Championship at Twitter.
    • Antfrost – Antfrost is a Minecraft Twitch streamer who focuses on competing in Minecraft tournaments. He has been an MCC competitor 14 times since debuting at MCC 15.
    • ant poison – AntVenom creates Minecraft content that it describes as “Essay Format,” including fun Minecraft facts and information about Minecraft updates. He has played in the Minecraft Championship 6 times beginning with his appearance in MCC 24.
    • small ant SmallAnt is a popular streamer that produces quick runs for various games. He did not appear in previous MC Championships, so he debuted in MCC Season 4.
    • Elaina_Exe- Elaina_Exe is a Twitch variety streamer and self-proclaimed “Plant Parent.” She has appeared in the Minecraft Championship 7 times and has taken home two wins outside of the main competition at MCC Pride 2023 and MC Championship Party.

    Aquatic axolotls

    Image via MC Championship at Twitter.
    • PeteZanHutt- PeteZanHutt is a Minecraft streamer who produces content about MC Vault Hunters, Minecraft SMP, and content about other games like Lethal Company. He has played in the Minecraft Championship 31 times, making him one of the most recurring players in the tournament.
    • Captain Sparklez CaptainSparklez is known for his Minecraft music videos, SMP videos, and Let’s Play Minecraft content. He has competed in every major event since his first season, making him the most experienced competitor in the lineup.
    • Mythical sausage – Mythicalsausage is a popular SMP and Minecraft survival content creator. He has played in the tournament twice before, making the fourth season his third appearance in MCC history.
    • whip – fWhip is a popular Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for making crazy builds in Hardcore Minecraft. He has participated in the tournament 10 times, with his last appearance being at MCC 21 in 2022.

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    blue bats

    Image via MC Championship at Twitter.
    • Kratzy – Kratzy is a Minecraft PVP YouTuber and much of his recent content focuses on Hoplite. He has played in the Minecraft Championship 23 times since his role on the winning team in MCC 1.
    • Hannahxxrose- HannahxxRose is a variety streamer known in the Minecraft community for her PVP and SMP content. He has participated in the Minecraft Championship 8 times and took home a win during MCC 35.
    • Eret- Eret is a popular Twitch streamer who participated in the first season of MCC 1. They have played in a total of 22 events with three wins to their credit.
    • michaelmcchill Michaelmcchill is a Minecraft SMP streamer currently playing on SDMP. He was a member of the winning MCC 1 team and has joined the tournament 18 times.

    purple pandas

    Image via MC Championship at Twitter.
    • Jojosolos – Jojosolos is a popular Twitch variety streamer and YouTuber known in Minecraft for her SMP videos. She has played the tournament 11 times and has won twice.
    • Elderly – Smajor is known as a co-organizer of the Minecraft Championship tournament and as a Minecraft SMP streamer. He has been a recurring competitor playing in every major event since MCC Season 1 and has won five times.
    • Bekyamon – BekyAmon is a UK variety streamer and Minecraft SMP player. He first played at MCC Rising in 2021, but has played in major tournaments seven times since then.
    • Guqqie – Guqqie is an artist who plays Minecraft SMP as BearSMP. They have played in the main tournament three times and played in MCC Pride 2023, MCC Twitch Rivals, and MCC Party.

    pink parrots

    Image via MC Championship on Twitter.
    • tango- Tango, also known as TangoTek, is a popular Minecraft HermitCraft streamer. This will be my first time competing in the Minecraft Championship.
    • ImpulsoSV – ImpulseSV is a well-known Minecraft streamer that creates content focused on HermitCraft and automation tutorials. They have played in the competition 5 times and won once at MCC 27.
    • eto – Ethos is best known for his HermitCraft and Ethos Let’s Play series on his EthosLabs YouTube channel. He played the event once during MCC 33, making the fourth season his second time in the tournament.
    • Skizzleman Skizzleman is a variety streamer known for playing Minecraft SMP and HermitCraft. Minecraft Championship Season 4 will be your first time joining the tournament.

    These 40 great Minecrafters are guaranteed to make this championship worth watching. I’m rooting for the Green Geckos since they have GoodTimesWithScar. Who will you cheer for?

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