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    I’d argue that you can’t have a good RPG without crafting, and the developers of Baldur’s Gate 3 would seem to agree. There are several types of crafting in BG3, allowing players to craft everything from weapons and armor to dyes to customize their gear. No matter how you make up your party, sometimes your best cantrips and spells won’t get the job done. so, if you want to get into making potions, poisons, and coating, you’ll be wanting to follow my Baldur’s Gate 3 alchemy guide below.

    How Alchemy Works in Baldur’s Gate 3

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    To open the Alchemy menu you just need to press H on your keyboard, or click the righthand Alchemy icon at the top of the popup after bringing up the inventory of any companion in your current party. You can do this anytime, anywhere, as long as you’re not in combat. Next, click the Extract All Ingredients button at the bottom of the window. If the ingredients you have add up to a craftable item, it will appear in the menu on the left. Click an item and the ingredients appear on the right. Click Craft Item and you’ll make it.

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    Note that you can filter the list by ticking the Filter Craftable Only box at the top-right of the Alchemy screen. However, you should also note that some items use any of an ingredient (for example, Any Salt), while others may need a specific kind (such as Salts of Rogue’s morsel). This means it is possible to make one item, not realizing you may not be able to make another until you find more ingredients. 

    Finding Recipes and Ingredients in BG3

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    Both recipes and ingredients can be found throughout the game, with a few recipes coming from books you’ll find on your travels but most from when you gain an extract from ingredients. Ingredients can be found as loot from enemies but also found on plants you’ll see growing along the roads and in caves as you explore. 

    Any ingredients you pick up will automatically be stored in the Alchemy Pouch of the currently selected player. However, when you do the Extract All Ingredients action the game combines any character’s ingredients to make as many resources as possible. You need three of any single base ingredient to get an extract.

    Baldur’s Gate 3 Alchemy Recipes Lists

    This list is in no way exhaustive. Let us know if you find the full details of anything we haven’t covered in the comments below. 

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    Baldur’s Gate 3 Elixirs recipes

    Name Ingredients Recipe location Effect
    Elixir Of The Colossus  Chasm Creeper, Any Suspension Extract Chasm Creeper Drink to increase your size. Weapons deal an additional 1d4 damage. You gain Advantage on Strength Checks and saves. Replaces effects from other elixirs when drunk.
    Elixir Of Silvanus  Cauldron of Boiling Theriac, Mugwort Bundle Read Halsin’s Diary before meeting Nettie Cure Nettie’s Poison
    Elixir Of Arcane Cultivation  Vitriol of Weavemoss, Any sublimate Extract Weavemoss Gain an additional Level 1 spell slot. Replaces effects from other elixirs when drunk.
    Greater Elixir Of Arcane Cultivation  Suspension of Laculite, Any Vitriol Extract Laculite Gain 2 additional Level 1 spell slot. Replaced effects from other elixirs when drunk.
    Elixir Of Barkskin  Salts of Tree Bark, Any Suspension Extract Wood Bark Drink to increase your Armour Class to 16. Replaces effects from other elixirs when drunk.
    Elixir Of Peerless Focus  Sublimate of Belladona, Any Ashes Extract Belladonna Gain Advantage on Concentration saves. Gain Advantage against the Charm effect. Can’t be put to sleep. 
    Elixir Of Vigilance  Sublimate of Bloodstained Hook, Any Ashes Extract Bloodstained Hook Drink to gain a +5 bonus to Initiative. In addition, you can’t be Surprised. Replaces effects from other elixirs when drunk.
    Elixir Of Hill Giant Strength  Ashes of Hill Giant Finger, Any Sublimate Extract Hill Giant Finger Increases Strength ability score to 21 until Long Rest
    Elixir Of Bloodlust  Ashes of Worg Fang, Any Salt Extract Worg Fang Gain Bloodlust, kill an enemy to gain +5 temporary hit points and an extra action.
    Elixir Of Fire Resistance  Ashes of Dragon Egg Mushroom, Any Salt Extract Dragon Egg Mushroom You gain Resistance to Fire damage, and can no longer Burn.
    Elixir Of Poison Resistance  Suspension of Muddy Goo, Any Sublimate Extract Muddy Goo Gain Poison damage Resistance until next long rest.
    Elixir Of Lightning Resistance  Salts of Copper Shavings, Any Suspension Extract Copper Shavings Gain Acid damage Resistance until next long rest.
    Elixir Of Viciousness  Vitriol of Shadowroot Sac, Any Ashes Extract Shadowroot Sac Increases your chance to land a Critical Hit. Replaces effects front other elixirs when drunk.
    Tadpole Elixir  Sublimate of Tongue of Madness, Any Essence Extract Tongue of Madness Gain Psionic Weakening and Psionic Enrichment. Replaces effects from other elixirs when drunk.

    Baldur’s Gate 3 Potions recipes

    Name Ingredients Recipe location Effect
    Potion Of Healing  Salts of Rogue’s Morsel, Any Suspension Extract Rogue’s Morsel Recover 2d4 + 2 HP.
    Potion Of Greater Healing  Ashes of Balsam, Any Salt Extract Balsam Recover 4d4 + 4 HP.
    Potion Of Superior Healing  Salts of Musk Creeper, Any Suspension Extract Musk Creeper 1d4 healing bg3 wiki 48px 8d4 + 8.
    Antidote  Salts of Mugwort, Any Suspension Extract Mugwort Neutralizes the effects of all poisons.
    Potion Of Feather Fall  Sublimate of Autumn Crocus, Any Essence Extract Autumn Crocus Drink to slow your rate of descent during falls and gain Immunity to Falling damage.
    Potion Of Glorious Vaulting  Sublimate of Wispweed, Any Ashes Extract Wispweed Drink this to triple your Jump distance.
    Potion Of Mind Reading  Suspension of Mergrass, Any Sublimate Extract Mergrass Drink to probe into the minds of those around you. You will be able to read the thoughts of certain creatures while speaking with them.
    Potion Of Speed  Ashes of Hyena Ear, Any Salt Extract Hyena Ear Gain Haste for 3 turns.
    Potion of Animal Speaking Essence of Acorn Truffle, Any Salt Extract Acorn Truffle Gain the ability to comprehend and verbally communicate with beasts until the next long rest.

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    Baldur’s Gate 3 Grenades recipes

    Name Ingredients Recipe location Effect
    Alchemist’s Fire  Ashes of Fire Amber, Any Salt Extract Fire Amber Deals 1d4 Damage Per turn to any creature it hits
    Fungal Bamboozler  Essence of Timmask Spores, Any Salt Extract Timmask Spores Lob this vaporous decoction to Befuddle nearby foes.
    Hearthlight Bomb  Essence of Nightlight, Any Suspension Extract Nightlight Frond Illuminates 9m radius.
    Noxious Spore Grenade  Sublimate of Poison Spores, Any Ashes Extract Poison Spores Explodes into a virulent cloud that can inflect Noxious Fumes upon creatures within.
    Web Grenade Suspension of Spider Silk, Any Vitriol Extract Spider Silk Explodes into a tangly mess that Enwebs creatures caught within.

    Baldur’s Gate 3 Coatings recipes

    Name Ingredients Recipe location Effect
    Basic Poison  Vitriol of Bonecap, Any Ashes Extract Bonecap Targets must succeed a Constitution Saving Throw or become Poisoned.
    Drow Poison  Essence of Swarming Toadstool, Any Salt Extract Swarming Toadstool Coat your active weapon with poison. Targets must succeed a Constitution Saving Throw or become Poisoned and fall Asleep.
    Oil Of Accuracy  Ashes of Daggerroot, Any Salt Extract Daggerroot Bonus of +2 in Attack Rolls.
    Oil Of Diminution  Essence of Sylvan Stone, Any Suspension Extract Sylvan Stone Targets must throw CON Save, if they fail they gain Strength Disadvantage and 1d4 melee damage reduction.
    Diluted Oil Of Sharpness  Sublimate of Viridian Crystal, Any Salt Extract Viridian Crystal Bludgeoning, Slashing or Piercing Resistance is ignored for your weapon, gaining +1 on Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls.
    Oil Of Combustion  Ashes of Mephit, Any essence Extract Mephit Inflicts “Oil” on hit, lasts 2 turns. Deal any fire effect to oiled enemies in order to cause 4d4+4 fire damage on them and their surrounding enemies.
    Wizardsbane Oil  Essence of Gremishka Tail, Any Suspension Extract Gremishka Tail Coat your weapon in oil. Its targets receive a -3 penalty to Spell Attack Rolls and Spell Save DC, and Disadvantage on Saving Throws for maintaining Concentration for 2 turns.
    Thisobald’s Brewed-up Bellyglummer  Salts of Corpse Rose, Any Suspension Extract Corpse Rose Coat Weapons, target must pass a DC17 CON Save or gain Poisoned and take 1d6 Poison Damage at the end of each of their turns.
    Simple Toxin Suspension of Bullywug Trumpet, Any Sublimate Extract Bullywug Trumpet Coat your active weapon with toxin that deals an additional 1-4 Poison damage.

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