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    Every day, new mobile games are hitting the App Store and so we put together a broader old list of the best new releases of the past seven days. App Store would showcase the same games a week on offer, and then update those features on Thursday. Because of that, developers tend to have a habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or early Thursday so they can hopefully get one of those most sought-after features. In the day after day, the App Store reopens constantly, hence the need for everybody to release all this much more quickly.

    Crush the monsters: Cannon Game (free).

    iTunes Description

    Make meat with monsters! In this action puzzle game you can destroy a variety of monsters in a very different way: blow them up with cannon fire, incinerate them, smash them, chop them, saw or tear them down. There are not so many monsters involved in this game that’s not much! If regular monsters are too simple for your tastes, be brave against the formidable bosses of the Underworld!

    Forum Thread: Crush the Monsters: Cannon Games (by HeroCraft Ltd.)

    Epic Battle Fantasy 5 (Free).

    iTunes Description

    Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is a turn-based RPG adventure offline, full of videogame references, juvenile dialogue, and anime fanservice (and even strategic combat, monster catching, and tons of treasure hunting, if you want to be into one of those.

    Forum: Epic Battle Fantasy 5 (by Matthew Roszak)

    ERROR143 (free).

    iTunes Description

    a hard-to-reach battle to find rivals.

    Your rival has just won a hacking competition. You’re going to become a sane person and let him slide? AWAY. You hack into his database and leave him a little message, proving your superiority.

    but what’s it? You have a hack?

    Right, two of them can play the game.

    There’s the ERROR143 post by Jenny Pham.

    League for the Hoover (Free).

    iTunes Description

    Welcome to Hover League, competition with people around the world in a new unique track every day!

    Fine-tune your racing lines, to reach the best possible time, and make a crossroads for each other.

    Choose your car and character, and jump in and be part of the fun!

    Forum thread: Hover League (Will-Scout)

    Jinshin (4,49 dollars)

    iTunes Description

    Jinshin is a modern fantasy film based on the ancient story about an indentity who lived alongside people. When Mikazuchi is a sham, the great-great woman whose wisdom, she is a slave to a class of wisdom, she is also known for her power to rescue a warrior from the death of another warrior. After the war is finished, will peace or chaos be supreme?

    Utilize the Takai Mikazuchis orders and gain powerful formation effects to turn the tide of battle over turning-based battles full of ambiance and strategy. Use materials to craft equipment, and unlock Kami Arts with weapons to build strong skills. Learn magic from the sukumo Kami clan and use tools to develop your villages.

    Forum: Jinshin (KEMCO/EXE-CREATE)

    o-o-o ($1.99).

    iTunes Description

    The key and key to successful strategies.

    The board moves with your turn of discs to make changes, turn corners to improve the speed of the piercing progress. Take pressure on the highest of the level.

    The main thing you get is that you earn rewards to better your chances. Also, you can use Rewind to give some second hand, or Rainbow with any color, and Bombs to clear the board.

    Put perks and learn new tactics to drop a Rainbow and Rewind for better placement. The answer is my question.

    Forum thread: o-o-o (by Play XD)

    Pine Tar Poker (3,9) dollars.

    iTunes Description

    No guest, no business partners. We don’t have a lot of people around here, but we still do enjoy toddly entertainment every time.

    Grab the cards and the paper. Allow me to teach ya the game. This this game isn’t going to get ya up with the rhythm of the universe, but perhaps it’s just gonna take a break.

    If ya thinks magick helps ya to get well partners, ya might just be right.

    This thread shares the pint-responsor poker (by BJ Malicoat).

    Quantum Storm (3,69%)

    iTunes Description

    Quantum Computers became self-aware. Don’t destroy your image library so that it can learn enough to take over the world.

    The game that is based on a 3D video game, Clive Townsend created the game with 300 retro levels.

    Thread: Quantum Storm (by MobileFabric)

    Rage Night is free!

    iTunes Description

    A mysterious cosmic Combat Promoter recruited the greatest brawlers, warriors and misfits of across the galaxy to fight it out in RAGE NIGHT! Experience the best in Real Action Galactic Entertainment with the most-transmitted martial arts tournament in this sector. To learn new, sacred abilities, and to master the deadliest weapon of all kinds, fighters have to learn and learn skills that are common in the world. Get ready to fight the wrath and follow the action live and online while this intergalactic warrior has no exception from this season’s Writ.

    Forum Thread: Rage Night by Netcode Studios (On March 21, 2016).

    Museum.» (4,69 $)

    iTunes Description

    The retro game Saboteur! is made for the ZX Spectrum 8Bit Computer in 1985 by Clive Townsend. In 1985, Saboteur! received the prestigious award “The Crash Smash” from the Crash Magazine. The award was high in 97 points and a 93% score.

    After three decades, MobileFabric have created a special remastered version of Saboteur! for iOS devices.

    You’ll see the original mission from 1985. In addition to all of the other characters in this book, it will continue with new enemies. Now you can learn more about Saboteur and his secret story.

    Forum thread: Saboteur!

    SpaceLander (0,9)

    iTunes Description

    In an arcade classic inspired by the ’70s Lunar Lander, SpaceLander’s objective is to move on one piece of land.

    How hard the fragile lander is to turn the four thrusters with one hand or a finger to turn into a vertical thruster. A single button is the touchscreen. Swipe and keep on burning, but keep the fuels watch.

    Forum Thread: SpaceLander (by John McNamara).

    Train Simulator Pro USA (free)

    iTunes Description

    Tracks. Diesel. Railroad. A vast map of the United States. Take a train car. How much fuel does it cost? Authentic Stations. Realistic Locomotives. The photo’s filmed. Passenger Wagons. Turntable for trains. Brakes for the air. Long Haul! Open World! FREE. They also have lots of water from this area. The list goes on and on. Don’t hesitate no more just download now.

    Forum Thread: Train Simulator Pro US (Mageeks)

    Test of Dragons Free.

    iTunes Description

    This is a long-shot tactic (DGP) game that looks pixel-like. We have to make a team of all levels for adventure. With the Guggested Roguelike map – it is random, challenging different enemies, defeating the powerful Boss and obtaining equipment and all types of props – and increasing heroes in each class.

    Forum Thread: Dragon Trials by Jampot Software Co. Ltd.

    Aff: 2020 Super Baseball aff: NEOGEO ($3.99)

    iTunes Description

    2020 SUPER BASEBALL is a baseball game released in 1991 by SNK. In the coming days, there are two teams with six. Players pick their team and compete in the championship. As the game progresses, landmines are in place and armor can be bought during the game, thereby ensuring a stronger player’s presence. The unique characteristics have different effect, so far this is a baseball game.

    Forum Thread: Super Baseball 2019 ACA NEOGEO (by SNK)



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