A tidbit patch was released for the combat game DNF Duel, and a season pass has been announced


    The creators of the Duel combat game have released a large balance patch promised earlier which has made many changes to the game’s appearance. There were more than 100 skills improved in the game, with HP and Guard upgraded for all characters, the awakening skills strengthened, and the dodge and Guard Cancel mechanics improved. It’s not likely that these changes will make the gameplay more interesting and dynamic.

    There was also an announcement that a season pass for DNF Duel will include five playable fighters. Among them is the previously introduced heroine Specter. After 2023, the title will begin appearing in the game, but there’s no exact date yet.

    DNF Duel will be reduced to 50% as of the winter sale. So you’re planning on purchasing, then maybe now is the time.


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