Arcana of Paradise, – The Tower- has a new name & info that goes out of the sky


    Shueisha Games has changed the name to Tasto Alpha developed game, Arcana Of Paradise, with new details about this title. Originally called The Tower (To the bottom), the team showed more info about the storyline and the mechanics, with a new trailer showing some bits of the content. The game is slated to be released on April 20th, 2023. There is a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition available for preorder. It’s all a limited edition of APAC. Enjoy this trailer below.

    Credits: Shueisha Games.

    “Embark on an topsy-turvy tarot-inspired journey, featuring character design by Masaoki Shindo, the artist behind the hit manga in Weekly Shonen Jump, RuriDragon. Guide a group of brave children trapped in a tower as they make a cruel trip to the bottom to seek for a place of peace. With a total of 20 playable children with their own starting cards, each of them stack the deck in their favour. With each run, players can form a party of two to get into the tower.”

    “Choose wisely”, as long as it’s possible to predict the split split of time choices. If you’re trying to add strength and strength, then play defensive cards at the perfect time to stop the attacks. When someone is dealing a poor hand, try to give up new cards. Look for opportunities to pass around. Pick from hundreds of possible pairings; each child makes new things and builds after each successful run. Fighting with the tower’s inhabitants that grows in peculiarity after every descent, and collect new battle cards after each skirmish. The thorns of victory create a constant issue and the heroes reward their fellow tower mates with generous loaves of bread or build out the deck on this run to help the arduous trek into the belly of the beast?

    “Pushing the release date was necessary to ensure that Arcana of Paradise – The Tower – is meeting the expectations of our fans and partners,” says Masami Yamamoto, executive producer of Shueisha Games. “Tasto Alpha, and we know it will be a better game, and we will make some progress. We look forward to arriving at the bottom of the tower beginning this April.


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