Last of Us: Bella Ramsay is the best Ellie, says Director



    Craig Mazin, a showrunner for The Last of Us, called on how hard it was to cast the Ellies actress on HBO. In a interview with SFX Magazine, he told the story of how Bella Ramsey, the best Ellie ever, got her role in the production.

    According to Mazin, more than 100 actresses successfully selected a name, and this was an instant thank-for-all endorsement, that required the approval of Dr. Druckmann, co-président of Naughty Dog, and the other creative mind behind the show.

    Finding a young woman capable of incarnating the whole and most of the game players was an arduous task, as the younger professionals don’t have much life experience in the production views. The choice took a long time, like she said in the interview.

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    Since it’s funny, difficult, violent, and protective of himself, the pick who took up the role of Ellie would also need a good relationship with Pedro Pascal, Joel from the last of us series. Mazin was delighted by Ramseys test, but had to give Druckmann the same effect.

    The only fear I had was that I watched her audition before Neil did. I was afraid that he wouldn’t like it and I would have to live a rest of my life even though we didn’t have the best Ellie. But happyly, she liked it. And we couldn’t do better. You’re a just amazing artist.

    The new series The Last of Us will be on January 14th. We’re curious to see whether the HBO show will work on the iconic PlayStation game in a good way.




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