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    There are plenty of collectibles scattered throughout Evil West, but only seven of the 393 collectibles can be found in the fourth chapter of the game. This is where you can get all of the Dusk Till Dawn collectibles.

    Where to find all Dusk to Dawn Cash

    The only type of collectible available to collect in chapter four is cash. This is where you can find it.

    first cash

    At the start of the mission, you should find a body hanging from a tree to the right of the TNT. Knock down the body to get the $88 hidden there.

    second cash

    Look to the right of the body and you will find a fence. Jump over the fence and destroy a bunch of TNT located there to get a gold chest full of $237.

    third cash

    Continue along the main path until you come to a fence that you must jump over to enter a large arena. Before you jump, look to your right and you’ll find a shiny box. Destroy the box for $81.

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    cash room

    Once you’ve defeated the Leecher, move through the opening it created. Inside, you’ll find a body hanging with $77. Knock down the body for the money.

    fifth cash

    Keep moving and meet up with your allies. After a cutscene plays, you need to stand in front of a glowing box. Once you’ve regained control of Jesse, destroy the box for money and take the $95.

    sixth effective

    Immediately to the right of the box there should be a hanging body that can be taken down for $67.

    seventh effective

    Move to the right of the body you just took down and you should find a chained barricade. Break through the barricade to claim $202 from the cash chest found there.

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