5 Things We’d Like To See In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom


    Fans have effectively had six years to debate what they’d like to see in a sequel to the seminal Breath of the Wild. With the release date for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fast approaching, fans will be able to make some of their dreams come true. Breath of the Wild introduced a new Hyrule that had many mysteries hidden within it; now some of these questions can begin to be answered.

    What are fans hoping to see in the Breath of the Wild sequel?

    Answer mysteries of the Zonai

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    The Zonai tribe had architecture that featured prominently throughout Hyurle in Breath of the Wild. However, not much is known about the tribe, other than that they lived in Hyrule long ago. The Tears of the Kingdom trailers also featured a lot of Zonai architecture, so it’s likely that the Zonai lore will eventually be expanded upon in the new game.

    longer dungeons

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    Breath of the Wild was unlike any other Zelda game in that it emphasized exploration over dungeons. This gave players a great sandbox to play in, but focusing on dungeons again would be something fans would love to see. The Divine Beasts were a bit uniform in presentation, and the sequel will be an opportunity to see more variety in terms of dungeons.

    A thriving city of Tarrey

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    Many Breath of the Wild players put in the effort (and spent a lot of Rupees) trying to set up Tarrey Town. It would be wonderful to see this part of Akkala fully finished when players start Tears of the Kingdom, as it’s a peaceful area that features Goron, Gerudo, and Rito influences together.

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    Ganondorf’s Return

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    From what eagle-eyed fans got to see in the trailers, there’s a good chance that the villain from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is making a comeback in this new title. Players were able to fight Ganon in Breath of the Wild, but they never technically fought him in Ganondorf’s form. There’s one trailer in particular where he looks like he’s being resurrected.

    Secrets Beneath the Zora Domain

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    There was a key comment Zelda made in Breath of the Wild that could have always hinted at a sequel. She said that she had problems with Vah Ruta, the Divine Beast that rests behind the Zora Domain. Trailers for Tears of the Kingdom have shown Zelda and Link traveling through some dark caves, and many fans think this could be underneath the Zora Domain. It would be amazing to see what secrets are underneath.

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