Henry Cavill won’t return as the superman shared the news via Instagram



    Actor Henry Cavill did not only shone as the character Geralt of Rivia, but he also acted like a Superman. The fans were desperate to find a return, but there isn’t much more to come, he says.

    In his official Instagram account, Cavill shared the sad news. After meeting James Gunn and Peter Safran, he’s now certain that he won’t play Superman again.

    I just had an appointment with James Gunn and Peter Safran, as well as the sad news. You are not an athlete in the world. The actor told me that the studio told me that I wanted to return until October. But the news isn’t easy, and that’s life, he said.

    Probably he would mourn for a while with the fans who have been to him for many years, but then again, we should remember that Superman is still here. Even though there exists nothing in his name, and the examples he gives us are still there, he continued comfortingly.



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