XDefiant servers are up, but players can’t join games and are plagued with errors


    The XDefiant servers went live 35 minutes ago, and it seems there are a lot of server outages, error codes, and general oddities that are preventing players from diving into a match of the free-to-play first-person shooter. .

    Players are reporting being stuck in empty lobbies waiting for them to fill up on X (formerly known as Twitter).

    Other players report that they can’t find any games, but the store seems to be working fine.

    Unfortunately, things don’t get much better on the subreddit. Players have taken over the ‘It’s LIVE’ thread and have reported that they were able to play one or two games as soon as the servers started and have had no luck since. Others have reported errors where Ubisoft Connect got stuck initializing or received a UNIFORM-01 error.

    This is something to expect in online games. With an influx of players trying to log in to watch the Call of Duty competitor, it’s likely that the servers have been overwhelmed with traffic and things will return to normal in the next few hours. At the time of writing, XDefiant Status Page claims that the servers of all platforms are online and operating normally. However, widespread opinion on social media seems to suggest otherwise.

    Some possible solutions

    The good news is that some players are reporting some fixes. On the subreddit, players suggest that you restart Ubisoft Connect or your PC completely to prevent the launcher from not initializing correctly.

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