MW3 Zombies ‘Third Hottest Mode’ to Date, Minimum Content Planned


    Modern Warfare 3 launched with a ton of content for players to digest from Warzone to the campaign and from multiplayer to Zombies. There was something for everyone to enjoy, but not everything is equal, as Warzone and multiplayer receive constant streams of content updates, but Modern Warfare Zombies is being neglected.

    It’s baffling because Activision considers Modern Warfare 3 Zombies to be the third best-looking mode in MW history. Consequently, players complain about the lack of updates.

    Since its release, Modern Warfare Zombies has received several content updates that have changed very little to the core gameplay experience. There are a few story missions and secrets here and there, but there are no major additions to rival Warzone’s new modes, maps, and changes.

    It gets worse when you realize that Activision has consistently neglected Zombies mode with lackluster content updates that either add a single story mission or ignore it entirely for the entire season. The only thing to do in the open world experience is hunt warlords or tackle story missions. The season 4 content blog has just been published and only one content is planned for the entire season.

    The fans are not happy

    The mood on reddit is exasperated, with players shaking their heads at Activision for their lack of care with Zombies mode. User Riot_Shielder chimed in on the conversation with a shout: “Because ‘the 3rd sexiest mode IN MW HISTORY’ means f****** when every MW game had it before, that was the Spec Ops mode of Shit 99% of the player base didn’t even bother trying.” His words hit the mark; Call of Duty games rarely include a third game mode (not including the Campaign), so this award is not significant.

    User Mr_Rafi expressed his views on the issue and said: “Third most attractive mode. If we removed camouflage, weapon leveling, and challenge unlocks, this wouldn’t be true. The game itself doesn’t appeal to most people; they’re just unlocking their unlocks for Warzone.” Your point is hard to deny when I’m guilty of playing through MWZ for weapon camos or challenges; the gameplay simply lacks interesting content.

    Traditional zombies are at home

    Image via Activision

    The saddest thing is that we received this version of zombies instead of the traditional round-based survival mode that has been tried and tested for decades. Traditional zombies were designed to hit you and ask you to come back for more. It was a slow learning curve that you eventually mastered as you moved into higher rounds; Surviving until round 10 was your first task, and then it was about learning how to handle the unstoppable hordes until your 30s or 40s.

    I have countless memories of surviving the zombie horde while trapped on a dig site or in a theater with a group of friends; I remember running zombies through large open spaces while walking our ammo and unlocking the Pack-A-Punch machine for extra firepower. Even to this day, the OG Black Ops zombies and even World at War maps still hold up and can offer countless hours of fun.

    In contrast, MWZ offers no meaningful progression and simply appears as a DMZ zombie reskin. If Infinity Ward had spent their time perfecting their zombie formula (without copying Treyarch’s assignment), they might have surprised the player base. Unfortunately, they gave us a mode that just doesn’t have the same longevity.

    It’s hard to say whether or not MWZ will survive the port to Black Ops 6 (especially if BO6 returns to that traditional experience), but if Activision doesn’t start loading up the content train soon, players will abandon the game mode entirely.

    That’s all we have on the community reaction to the Zombie award. If you’re looking for similar Call of Duty content, check out Warzone’s Urzikstan, which is rumored to not have ranked mode and players aren’t happy, CoD campaigns aren’t what they used to be and new players are turning away. They are losing it, and more in Pro. Game Guides.

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