XDefiant Max Level Cap and How to Level Up Quickly


    Despite some server issues at launch, Ubisoft’s latest free-to-play online competitive shooter, XDefiant, is here to stay. If you are one of the lucky ones who has already been able to find a stable game, here is a guide on how to level up quickly in this highly referenced game.

    What is the maximum level cap in XDefiant?

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    The maximum level you can reach in Ubisoft’s free shooter is level 50. This is not far from Obligations franchise (XDefiant has been touted as the “CoD killer”), which has a maximum level of 55. CoD is also known for its extensive prestige system, which allows players to continue leveling up beyond the level 55 cap.

    while a prestige the system is currently No In XDefiant, Ubisoft has said that the must-have progression system is currently in the works. Therefore, it is likely that prestige will not reach Ubisoft’s shooter. even seasonal content Starts. The developer has not yet confirmed a release date for Season 1. But according to its Year 1 roadmap, the first year will consist of four seasons, each of which will include a new faction, three new weapons, three maps and a 90-tier Battle Pass. Nothing bad!

    Best Ways to Get XP Fast in XDefiant

    Like most other free online competitive shooters, the key to leveling up quickly in XDefiant lies in the gameplay. challenge system. Completing these feats will earn you crucial points. XP Boostswhich in turn makes leveling up much faster (and more engaging in the process!).

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    The first challenges you must face in XDefiant range from basic weapon challenges such as Deal 4000 damage with assault rifles to more specific ones such as Get 20 point-blank kills with SMG. It is worth checking the Base menu (the second tab in the Challenges menu) before jumping into a game. These challenges cover different weapons but also gadgets like grenades and EMP, as well as characters from specific factions. You should choose a few to focus on and eliminate them first to use your time more efficiently.

    Another quick and easy way to level up in XDefiant is to watch the game. daily challengeswhich you can do by tabulating to the diaries tab in the game’s main challenge menu. This screen shows your run-of-the-mill dailies that you’ll almost certainly complete as you play. The good thing is that these challenges update every 24 hours, keeping everything nice and fresh in case you’re not a fan of a particular challenge.

    XDefiant Faction Challenges Overview

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    Beyond the generic weapon challenges and your usual dailies, XDefiant presents you with more ambitious challenges related to its five different in-game factions. The Dedsec faction challenge, for example, requires you to earn a whopping 700,000 XP to unlock Watch Dogs 2’s beloved faction. So you better start grinding out the Base and Daily challenges I mentioned above if you want to play XDefiant as a cunning hacker. .

    It’s also worth noting that tackling XDefiant’s challenges will also help boost the game. battle pass. Unlocking Battle Pass tiers will give you something really fancy. Cosmetic products and character Skins for the many characters found in the game, as well as weapon designs and of course the game can be spent badge system (XCoins).

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