Pathfinder A Dance of Masks DLC Will Let You Fly a Hippogriff into Battle


    The developers of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous have revealed new details of the archetypes coming as part of the A Dance of Masks DLC, and one of them even gives you the ability to bring a hippogriff into battle. You’ll be able to check out these archetypes when the DLC arrives on June 13.

    Owlcat Games has detailed all of the new archetypes coming to the game, and the archetypes will be revealed in two separate parts on Steam. He first part looks at archetypes like the most anticipated drunken master, the aggressive Chelaxian diva, the powerful fighting titan that produces dual weapons, and more. He second part explains the recently released new archetypes and includes details of even more new archetypes players can expect in the DLC.

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    He Sable Company Marine Archetype because the Ranger will allow you to travel with a hippogriff and will also allow you to engage in mounted combat. The hippogriff can wreak havoc by launching itself at enemies and using its wings to knock them down, which sounds very exciting. He Swordsman Archetype because Magus (inspired by the Castlevania series) will have an intelligent Black Blade as an ally in battle. The Blade will not only assist in combat but will also protect you while you are unconscious and while you switch weapons. If you’ve ever wanted to have a weapon as a loyal partner, then this archetype fits the bill.

    We also learned more about the Mantis Zealot Archetype for the Warpriest, who moves quickly and uses serrated swords to tear apart his enemies, as well as summon a horde of mantises to attack them. This sounds incredibly badass, since you’ll have a small army of mantises under your command to help you at any time. For a more range-focused build, players can choose the Kinetic Sharpshooter archetype for the Kineticist, as it fires charges. It’s a pretty simple build at first glance, but it’s likely one of the most powerful if used correctly.

    Image via Owlcat Games

    Finally, Owlcat Games expands the Magical Deceiver Archetype for the Arcanist, which sounds really cool since it will allow you to cheat magic itself. You will be able to use two different regular spells resulting in a powerful fused spell designed to manipulate and deceive your enemies in battle. This is probably one of the highlights of the new DLC, which will surely make it much more exciting.

    The archetypes in the A Dance of Masks DLC are extremely varied and players will surely enjoy discovering what suits their playstyles. There is a lot of uniqueness to these archetypes that makes them really powerful in their own way.

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