Wuthering Waves Controls: All keybinds and controller inputs


    The latest free gacha craze, Wuthering Waves, will be very familiar to Genshin Impact fans. Knowing all the essential keybinds and controls is crucial to progressing and leveling up in this huge open-world game. Below is a list of all key and control combinations.

    Wuthering Waves Controls/Keybindings List

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    Mouse and keyboard

    Combat and exploration

    • Motion: WASD
    • Walk/Run (Toggle): left ctrl
    • Normal attack: Left mouse button
    • Set goal: mouse wheel
    • Disable Target Lock (Hold): mouse wheel
    • Run/Dodge: Right mouse button or left shift
    • Resonance ability: my
    • Resonance Release: R
    • Utility: t
    • Utility wheel: Eyelash
    • echo skill😛
    • Switch to aiming mode: GRAM
    • Hop: Space
    • Drop: x
    • Collect/Interact: F
    • Switch to character 1: 1
    • Switch to character 2: 2
    • Switch to character 3: 3
    • Switch to character 4: 4
    • Search tracking:v
    • Breakup Challenge: P


    • Mail: north
    • Map: METER
    • Missions: j
    • Terminal: Esc
    • Equipment: l
    • Backpack: b
    • Resonator: c
    • Utilities: oh
    • Tutorial: h
    • Show mouse: Alt.
    • Chat: Get into
    • Event: F1
    • Guide: F2
    • Convene: F3
    • Pioneering podcast: F4
    • Cooperative mode: You


    Interface operation

    • Confirm/Cancel: A/B
    • Feature Entry Roulette: Go to settings

    Combat and exploration

    • Move forward or backward: left stick
    • Move left or right: left stick
    • Set goal: Right stick (click)
    • Disable Target Lock (Hold): Right stick (click)
    • Reset camera: Right stick (click)
    • Normal attack: x
    • Run/Dodge: R.B.
    • Resonance ability: AND
    • Resonance Release: RT
    • Primary key for combo: pound
    • Utility: LB+Y
    • Echo skill: LB+X
    • Switch to aiming mode: L.T.
    • Aim Attack: RT
    • Hop: TO
    • Go down when going up: x
    • Collect/Interact: b
    • Utilities/Utilities Wheel: Left directional pad
    • Switch to team member 1: Up D-Pad
    • Change to team member 2: Right directional pad
    • Change to team member 3: Down D-Pad
    • Switch to team member 4: LB + D-Pad down
    • Browse: LB + R (click)
    • Leave the challenge: L + R (click)


    Can you change keybinds in Wuthering Waves?

    The short answer to whether you can change keybinds in Wuthering Waves is: Yeah. At least any key combination that doesn’t have a lock next to it. However, you will notice that some key combinations are lockedthat is you can not change these ties. These include normal attacks, target lock, disable target lock (hold), run/dodge, terminal, and show mouse.

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