XDefiant Average Skill Rating, Explained


    Of all the stats in XDefiant, there’s one that players aren’t sure about: the average skill rating. If you want to know what it is, check out the explanation below before returning to the arena to try to increase it.

    Average skill rating statistic in XDefiant, explained

    When you go to your profile and open your Career statisticsyou can check your playing time with the different factions, as well as your Performance statisticswhat includes:

    • Profit/loss ratio
    • Kills/Death Relationship
    • Score/Minute
    • Average skill rating
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    He Average skill rating has confused many as we do not have any official confirmation on what exactly this statistic measures or what it is used for. The biggest assumption is that this will actually be the SBMM measure for Qualified matches.

    That means you will be paired with others with similar average skill ratings when you queue to qualify. Ubisoft will not include skill-based matchmaking in unclassified matchesso this stat shouldn’t affect you if you decide to just play casually (if you can actually get into a game with all the issues).

    Another unknown so far is what the average skill rating takes into account. So far, the greatest possibility is that combine all your other stats in an average score.

    This rating will probably be taken into account for your rank once ranked matches are activated. The higher the score, the better your ranking should be. Since you can already get ranked, a good idea would be to try to increase your score so you can have an advantage in the actual Ranked mode.

    There are no details on whether there is a upper (or lower) limit to the average ability rating score. I managed to get into the negatives, but I’ve seen people score 2k+. Hopefully, Ubisoft will clear up the confusion and give us details on this statistic soon.

    If you want to check if the game is active, read How to Check XDefiant Server Status in the Pro Gaming Guides.

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