RetroArch adds new cores and more features in the latest iOS update.

    • Game emulator RetroArch has just been updated with new covers, features and more.
    • Essentially stand-alone emulators themselves, they offer better functionality.
    • You can also benefit from many new improvements.

    With the changing rules for emulators on iOS, it’s no surprise that one of the most popular, RetroArch, has proven to be so popular. And with the latest update, emulation fans can take advantage of the many new fixes and covers added to the app, making it even easier to enjoy emulation of their favorite titles from the past.

    You can check out the full patch notes on the iOS App Store. But first, what is a ‘core’? Well, we’d have to see for ourselves, but basically it looks like a basic stand-alone emulator being added to the wider RetroArch emulator system it relies on.

    what is the meaning of this? Well, more games, more emulation and more stable functionality as far as we can tell. But it’s also a sign of the rapidly evolving nature of emulation and for those who were worried that RetroArch might lack further support.

    Old is new again.

    We’ve commented many times on the nature of emulation on iOS and the legally sticky situation Apple is putting developers in, so we won’t go over it again here. However, on a more positive note the additions to RetroArch indicate the fast-paced nature of open source development, and is actually faster than we’ve seen many games update themselves.

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