How to Check K/D Ratio and Race Stats in XDefiant


    XDefiant is finally here after a long early access period. If you are a fan of free to play shooting games, then you know how important your stats and K/D ratio are. This handy guide will show you where to find them in the latest version from Ubisoft.

    Where to find your K/D ratio and career stats in XDefiant

    A lot has changed since XDefiant showed off its much-hyped closed beta in August 2023. One of these changes is where the game stores its game statistics, as well as how to keep track of them. The most competitive players of online shooters have naturally become accustomed to a certain standard in game statistics. Ubisoft’s XDefiant is no exception here, as it attempts to go head-to-head with other major titles with its handy Career statistics page.

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    To find those stats and numbers you crave, first head to your XDefiant profile page. You can find the button for this menu directly below the main menu. XChallenging logo on the main menu screen. Then, hit the Career statistics option once you are on this your profile page. Now you will be able to see all your beloved stats, kills, deaths, K/D ratio and more.

    What’s included on the XDefiant career stats page?

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    For those curious about what exactly XDefiant has in store for you in terms of stats, you can expect the Career Stats page to display your win-loss ratio, K/D ratio, score per minuteand you average skill rating. Like many other titles in the genre, XDefiant also displays something called the Play Time box on the Career Stats page. This feature lets you know how much time you’ve spent playing as one of the game’s five different (and perhaps familiar-sounding) factions.

    Fans of Ubisoft franchises might even notice that these factions are inspired for other important titles from the developer in recent years. These include the likes of The Division’s CleanersFar Cry 6 FreedomGhost Recon GhostsSplinter Cell Stepand DedSec from the Watch Dogs series. This is a surprisingly enjoyable fan service from Ubisoft that is sure to please long-time fans of the developer.

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