Xbox Showcase on Starfield, Redfall, Minecraft Legends and More Could Come This Week


    As we pretended to earlier last week, Xbox is planning to present a new show where they will reveal a large number of game release dates such as when we can expect Starfield, Redfall and more, and then to reveal some new games with the most likely date. Some credible sources have revealed a rumor that is incredibly true. This may be true from various sources.

    There’s rumour that an Xbox release could happen this week, though no. This will probably happen this week. With a few other rumors, we can expect the Xbox game to show off on January 25th, which is a bit late in the month, as it was confirmed by the official Xbox Game Pass on Twitter that it was coming soon.

    Besides the Xbox Game Pass itself, the source of an evidence – the games it is coming this week or at least this month – we have an Xbox showcase. Jez was well known for his proven reliability, and has since been verified right. In his latest Tweet, Jez says, give it a few days in reference to the announcement of Xbox.

    Give it a few days.

    Jez (@JezCorden) January 9, 2023

    If Jezs word isn’t enough for you, the VP of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft recently tweeted, This should be a fun week, excited for the days to progress! This is an enormous stamp of approval that, within the next few days, Xbox will have a date for a showcase in January if not its first appearance later this week, which would have a lot of fun right away before Sony’s Forspoken debut.

    This should be a fun week, so I’m excited for the days to get ahead!

    Aaron Greenberg U (@aarongreenberg) January 9, 2023

    Although the confirmation we got from these two tweets, it’s a big time to bet that Xbox will have a showcase this week or at least give us a date when we can expect a showcase. If the event isn’t this week, it’ll probably be this month when we finally meet about Starfield, Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport, and many more highly anticipated games.


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