When is the RB Battles Season 3 finale? – The RBB Championship event was delayed for the second time


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    After four weeks of exciting head-to-head battles and challenges, the RBB The end is finally upon us! Or is that it? This event was originally scheduled to conclude on December 30, 2022, but due to the busyness of the holiday season and internal development issues, it was pushed back to January 7, 2023, just a few days before its initial planned release. . Now, as January 7th has come and gone with nothing to show for it, fans are left with unanswered questions and an incomplete event. So when is the RB Battles Season 3 finale? Please continue reading below for more information.

    When will the RB Battles Season 3 Finale take place?

    At the time of publishing this article, the Roblox Battles Season 3 Finale is expected to premiere on Friday, January 13, 2023and conclude about Saturday, January 14, 2023as stated by the host of RB Battles RussianPlaysand later confirmed by YouTuber and RB Battles competitor kreekcraft. in a Youtube video Posted on January 9, 2023, KreekCraft tanked and reacted to a recap video posted by another popular YouTuber, Sharkblox, in which the RBB Season 3 finale was discussed. In the KreekCraft video, he states that the final RBB video (the one where the Season 3 Champion is crowned) will be released on January 13th and the Final Battle Live Event will take place on January 14th.

    During the live event, players who group up and try to defeat the final RBB Boss will have a chance to win some free limited-edition items and badges, including Crown of Courage, Golden Crown of Courage, and Hood of Heroes. . When the event concludes, RB Battles will shut down, leaving the experience vacant until at least Season 4, if not forever.

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    As stated by the RBB host sabrinabrite in a youtube short Released on January 5th, 2023, Roblox Battles Season 3 was a huge project to undertake, with numerous code rewrites and release delays holding it back, and while the final product is worth it in a community sense, it doesn’t have nothing to offer in the sense. of financial gain. Although Roblox tweeted about the Season 3 premiereand has I speak very well by RBB Y all Three of the hosts on numerous occasions in the past, the company has made, and continues to make, little effort to help make the event successful. Other than coordinating a sponsorship with Walmart Land, Roblox offered no financial support to Sabrina, DJ, Russo, or any of the developers, meaning it was up to them to raise the funds for the entire event.

    In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that Roblox is taking steps to prioritize sponsorship-related events (like NIKELAND, Spotify Island, Vans World, and more) over community-focused ones, leaving behind popular and favorite events. from fans like Egg Hunts, Roliday and even RB Battles. Every time a sponsored event is created/added to the platform, Roblox makes sure to highlight it on its events tab in the navigation menu. With RBB, however, this mention is nowhere to be found.

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    On top of that, Roblox exploiters hacked their way into the hidden development files and were able to break and manipulate RB Battles for their own gain, causing exclusive items to be busted at an unprecedented rate. With Roblox’s acquisition of anti-cheat software company Byfron in October 2022, creators and developers, including host RBB DJMonopoly, he assumed that the use of exploits would start to dissipate on the platform as 2022 drew to a close. However, as can be seen from the Season 3 results, this was not the case, and experiences continue to be heavily impacted.

    Although the future security of Roblox Battles is unknown, the current season appears to be set in stone with a final release on January 13. If any further information about a change to this date, or any future RBB plans, is released, we’ll be sure to update accordingly.

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