Wuthering Waves: Which server should you play on?


    When starting Wuthering Waves, your first big decision is choosing the right server for the best gaming experience. WuWa offers five different servers that store game data independently, with no news on the possibility of server migrations. Below are some tips to help you find the best Wuthering Waves server to play on.

    How to Choose the Best Wuthering Waves Server

    Server Daily reset time
    America to confirm
    Asia (closest to Japan) to confirm
    Europe to confirm
    HMT (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) to confirm
    SEA (closest to Singapore) to confirm


    The most important consideration when choosing a server is its geographic location, as it determines how much ping you will encounter while playing. Your ping is expected to increase the further you move from the server location. A higher ping will significantly reduce the gaming experience with lag, action lag, and slow loading times. In the worst case, the game becomes completely unplayable even with perfect wifi and an equipped device.

    For example, if you live in Italy, your best option is to stay on the Europe server for smooth gameplay. In situations where your location is between two locations (i.e. Indonesia, which can find stability in both Southeast Asia and Asia), you will theoretically be able to play on both servers without significant ping, but I highly recommend you try both before you commit.

    If you reside in India and Australia, beta players have recommended choosing the SEA (Singapore, Philippines, Thailand) server as they are geographically close.


    While Wuthering Waves is a single-player game, there are ways to communicate with other players and co-op mode allows you to meet up with other people in the game. In a scenario where you live in Taiwan but can only speak English, you might find it beneficial to opt for the SEA server, which will likely have a larger number of English speakers.

    Additionally, you may want to consider where your real-life friends play. If you are in different locations, it will be a good idea to try different servers and find a middle ground where the ping is relatively stable for everyone. You may be able to reduce the ping with the help of a VPN, but Wuthering Waves has not yet released an official statement on how using a VPN could affect the gaming experience (especially with IRL transactions), so be careful.

    Time zone

    If you have the luxury of choosing between a few servers with the same ping stability, you may want to opt for one with a time zone that aligns with your schedule. Server restart times determine when daily and weekly tasks expire, and it would be a shame to constantly skip them as they could conflict with your work and sleep hours.

    Additionally, time zones will determine how many players will be present while you are awake during co-op events. If you love playing with others and helping newbies in co-op, you don’t want to play on a server where people are probably asleep when you’re awake.

    Competitive supports and player volume

    Another consideration you can make if you are between two or more servers is the possibility of more competitive cooperative supports. For example, the Asia server is historically known to host a good number of whales, which increases your chances of getting stronger carries early in the game. In my experience playing Genshin Impact and other similar gacha games, I don’t think the co-op support is particularly impactful outside of the game’s initial fight. But if you are a casual player and don’t intend to spend a lot of time building your units, it may be useful to choose the Asia competitive server instead of the SEA server, if you have the opportunity.

    Also, if you’re concerned about player volume, you may want to stay away from servers with a smaller player base. For example, the American server is usually much larger than the European server, making it livelier during co-op events.

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