Cookie Run: Kingdom: Mystic Flour Cookie Biascuits and Toppings Guide

    • The Mystic Flour Cookie is the first Beast Cookie to be added to the game.
    • They are currently the most powerful healing cookie in CRK.
    • Mystical Flour scales with cookie cooldowns, so try to get a lot of cooldowns from toppings and biscuits.

    The Mystic Flour Cookie is the first Best Cookie to be added to the Cookie Run Kingdom, and if you want to know the best toppings for a Mystic Flour Cookie, I’ve created this guide to help you out.

    Bringing unstoppable power to any team, Mystic Flour Cookie is a force to be reckoned with. She is a healer who can buff allies’ ATK, heal them and grant them various buffs that stack. She pairs very well with the Cloud Haetae Cookie, another cookie introduced in Episode 3 of Beast-yeast.

    About the mystical floor cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Mystic Dough Cookie a to heal Cookie, which relies heavily on cooldowns. He is in position behindand that’s her first cookie. Beast According to Criterion CRK lore, animals were here even before the ancient cookies, making it extremely powerful. You can get a Mystic Flour Cookie from a limited-time bunch, and if you’re lucky, you can find its Soulstones in the Arena shop.


    Whispers of indifference
    Creates a sphere of indifference, protecting allies from a cocoon of indifference. Allies in the sphere of indifference have their HP periodically restored. They will also gain the Pointless Whisper buff. Once the duration of the indifference circle expires, allies will be healed for a fraction of the DMG they traded. Cocoon of Futility cannot be destroyed or removed by zip or overcurrent. The effect will continue even after the HP shield reaches 0 capacity. If the target is at Max HP, incoming healing will restore the HP shield instead.

    If an enemy enters Kuki’s indifference sphere, their cooldown will be increased, and their ATK SPD will be reduced. They will also be debuffed by Yellow Plague, increasing the remaining cooldown when it is removed.

    Mystic Flour Cookie will increase its DMG Resist based on the reduced amount of Cooldown. Her Lantern of Indifference will continue to heal allies regardless of the mystic floor cookie’s current status, and will increase when she is defeated.

    If there are no protection cookies on the team, Mystic Flour Cookies cannot be disabled, and the amount of healing from Lantern of Apathy will increase greatly. Ally cookies will also be provided with buff protection.

    The mystic floor cookie Cocoon of Fatality protects all targets from insensitivity as well as affects the insensitivity effect on enemies.

    A sphere of indifference
    • Duration: 5 seconds
    • Healing: 10.7% of ATK every 0.5 seconds
    • DMG Deal Proportional Heal: Heals 26.3% of DMG dealt by an ally, 200.0% of Max ATK.
    • DMG Resistance (Self): +25.0% while Indifference Circle is active.
    • Buff Protection: 20 seconds if the team has no protected cookies (only the Buff Protection buff will be removed); Stack up to x1
    A cocoon of futility
    • HP Shield: 20.0% of max HP for 10 sec; Capacity limited at 45.0%
    • HP Shield Recovery: 66.5% of healing received, -1% for every 1% of remaining shield HP, limited to -45.0%
    A touch of meaninglessness
    • Debuff Resist: +35.0% for 15 sec; Stack up to x1
    • DMG Resist: +20.0% for 15 sec; Stack up to x1
    • Indirect DMG Resist: +50.0% for 15 sec; Stack up to x1
    The yellow plague
    • DMG: +25.0% for 8 seconds; Stack up to x1
    • ATK: -20.0% for 8 sec; Stack up to x1
    • Cookies: Cooldown +20.0%
    • Other: ATK SPD -30.0% for 8 sec; Stack up to x1
    • On Removal: Cooldown +20.0%
    Beast Cookie: Lantern of Indifference
    • Passive: For every 1% of cooldown reduction, gain +1.2% DMG resistance (capped at 45%).
    • Triggers every 5 seconds (20 seconds with cookie stored in Team)
    • Healing: 26.3% ATK + 1.5% ATK per 1% HP lost
    • Cure with team save cookie: 1.0% of ATK
    • ATK: +10.0% for 4 seconds; Stack up to x
    • DEF: +30.0% for 4 sec; Stack up to x1
    • HP Shield: 5.0% of target’s max HP for 4 sec
    • DMG Resist: +15.0% for 4 sec; Stack up to x1
    • Debuff Resist: +30.0% for 4 sec; Stack up to x1

    Best Toppings for Mystic Flour Cookies

    The only toppings you need on a Mystic Flour Cookie are those that provide a cooldown. You want 5x Swift Chocolate Toppings on this, no matter what the circumstances. She scales with cooldown, and Swift Chocolate Toppings with an extra cooldown will give you exactly that.

    • 5x Swift Chocolate With cooldown (mandatory), ATK, DMG reduction, or amplify buff.

    The main substat you want on every single topping piece is cooldown. If you want to take it a step further, I recommend going with Cooldown + ATK as a mandatory sub-stat. Since the Mystic Flour Cookie is currently the most powerful cookie in the game, you should go that extra mile to prepare the perfect topping for it.

    Mystic Flour Cookie Perfect Biscuits Setup

    In the case of Beascuits, you can have a little more freedom here. You can try targeting 2x Cooldown and 2x ATK to further increase his stats. Additionally, you can also go for Beascuit with 3x or even 4x cooldown stats, but then you might end up taking some damage.

    Aim for any of the following stats in the Legendary Sweet Biscuit:

    • Cooldown (mandatory)
    • ATK
    • Decreased DMG

    We’ve already mentioned that the Mystic Flour Cookie is a top tier cookie, but if you’re not sure about the rest, you should read our updated tier list for Cookie Run Kingdom! And for other cookie guides, use Stormbringer Cookie toppings.


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