Wuthering Waves Sensor: How to confirm patrol route


    One of WuWa’s many game mechanics is the sensor. If you still don’t know how to use it, check out all the information about the Wuthering Waves sensor below and learn how to confirm the patrol route.

    How to confirm patrol route in Wuthering Waves using sensor

    Once you reach the Rear Guard Base, talk to the Moving on to Midnight Ranger as part of the Echoing March main quest. He will give you another mission to check the Detection beacons that was disconnected. To find them you need follow the patrol route. That’s where the Sensor comes in.

    The Sensor module is one of the Utilities you get from sanhua in the city Hall. Used to reveal valuable content such as collectibles, enemy weaknesses, etc. It is best to learn how to use it quickly to be able to perform missions effectively.

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    You can switch between your Utilities with the Public services wheel. On the keyboard, that’s the TAB buttonwhile in controller is left on the D-Pad. Once you’ve selected it, use the Utility button to activate it and look around.

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    You will see the holographic images of the patrol route. Continue and more and more holographic images will be revealed. It is not necessary to activate the sensor again, it is only necessary once. The sensor will take you to first detection beacon which is about to be stolen by civilians.

    He second detection beacon It will already be marked on your screen so you can easily navigate to it. It is not necessary to use the sensor again.

    Now that you know how to use this utility module, you should be on your way to revealing all the secrets of Wuthering Waves.

    To keep your game running at its best, check out the best settings for Wuthering Waves (PC, Android, and iOS) in the pro gaming guides.

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