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    One of the crucial elements that can shape your character’s overall effectiveness in Wuthering Waves are Echoes. Each Echo brings a unique advantage to your character, and as you progress through the game, you’ll need to strategically switch to more powerful options. To inspire and motivate you, I have compiled a list of the ten best Echoes in Wuthering Waves, each ideal for specific situations. I highly recommend that you engage in reflective character training.

    Best Echoes for Beginners on Wuthering Waves

    Below, I have listed the five best beginner-friendly stormy waves in the game that will improve your overall build.

    Cyan Feathered Heron: Cost 3

    To start the list, we have the cyan feathered heron. This Echo allows players to transform into a Heron that can launch a spinning charge to attack enemies, causing almost 148% Aerodynamic damage. While the attack numbers are great, the highlight is that it can stop any opponent’s special move, completely breaking the momentum of the fight. I highly recommend this Echo for Aalto, Jiyan and Yanayang versions.

    Auto Puppet Explorer: Cost 3

    If you’re a player who enjoys a more passive and strategic approach to fighting, the Autopuppet Scout Echo is a versatile option. This Echo allows you to transform into an Autopuppet Scout, capable of dealing damage to Glacio and erecting three walls of ice to block enemies. This versatility makes him a great choice for almost every character created in the game, giving you the confidence to adapt to different situations.

    Tambourine – Cost 3

    The Tambourinist is an excellent echo that provides many raw damage buffs to the player. By using the ability, the player will summon a tambourine that will play the Melodies of Annihilation. Any nearby ally hit with the melody will deal an additional chaos attack for the next ten attacks. So if you have a lot of characters that use Havoc Damage, this should be included in your build list.

    Hoochief – Cost 3

    The Hoochief is another excellent Echo for beginner level players. It is easy to access as you can unlock it by visiting any area outside of Junzhou City. This Echo transforms the player into a Hoochief and delivers a powerful blow that deals 149% aerodynamic damage. It also has a very low cooldown, making it one of the most frequently used abilities in the game. Consider using it on character builds like Jianxin and Yanyang, who have a lot of Aero-based abilities.

    Stone Wall Bracelet: Cost 3

    The Stonewall Bracer is a solid echo in Wuthering Waves due to its three unique attack phases. First, you will transform into a Bracer that will dash forward and deal physical damage. If connected correctly, your character will gain an additional shield of 10% of your character’s total H, allowing you to continue your battle.

    Best Overall Echoes in Wuthering Waves

    The following are the best Echoes in Wuthering Waves that are suitable for almost all game situations.

    Infernal Rider – Cost 4

    The Inferno Rider Echo is a game changer for mid to advanced players. This high-level Echo transforms you into a Hellrider and deals three Fusion attacks, each dealing significant damage. The best part? If you land every hit, you’ll receive a temporary boost to your base and fusion damage, potentially transforming your game for the next 15 seconds. Adding characters like Chixia and Encore can amplify the impact of this Echo, adding an exciting dynamic to your character build.

    No crown – Cost 4

    The Crownless is another fantastic Echo if your entire character build is based around Havoc’s damage. When transforming into Crownless, you will face four consecutive attacks and all will deal over 50% Havoc damage per attack. Along with the transformation, your overall Havoc and Resonance damage will increase by 12% for the next 15 seconds. Use Echo on character builds like Danjin.

    Impermanence Heron – Cost 4

    Like Crownless, Impermanence Heron also deals a large amount of chaos damage to enemies. Activate the ability to transform into a heron and fly to knock down enemies and deal 314% chaos damage. There is also an alternate mode where Imperanence Heron breathes fire and deals 25 Havoc damage when attacking. In addition, there are other advantages such as increased damage and restoration of resonance energy during the activation of the skill.

    Clockwork Abomination: cost 4

    Mech Abomination is an echo skill that primarily deals with electrical damage to enemies. After activating it, you will summon a Mech Waste that will deal 200 electrical damage to enemies and deal another 12% once it explodes. During the skill, your character’s overall attack stat will also increase by 12%. If you need an auto-attack based Echo skill, look for the Mech Abomination skill.

    Thundering Mephis – Cost 4

    To top off the list, we have Thundering Mephis. This Echo throws six consecutive strikes. Of this, the first five only handle 50 Electro, but if you need to connect the last one, it will handle an extra 250 Electro, increasing overall Electro damage and Resonance Release damage by 12% for the next 12 seconds. I recommend including Echo in character builds for Calcharo, Yinlin, and more.

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