Vampire Survivors combos for weapon evolution


    Without weapon evolution, you cannot survive the second half of any era. These are all Vampire Survivors combos currently in the game, including all DLCs.

    Updated on May 23, 2024. – Added DLC charts.

    Despite the simple gameplay, the game has many interesting features that affect the runs. You can play as different characters in Vampire Survivors with different basic weapons, and by killing enemies, you can find new weapons and upgrades. Additionally, players can combine them all, so without further ado, this guide will tell you all about Vampire Survivors combos, or weapon evolutions.

    How to Craft Weapons in Vampire Survivor

    There are quite a few different weapons in Vampire Survivors. Each of their attacks has different patterns and deals a certain amount of damage, and you can upgrade them by gaining experience.

    Enemies you kill will drop experience gems, and they need to be your primary target if you want to survive. By collecting these gems, you will be able to increase your level. And with each level, you will be given a choice of several items or weapons. Often, you’ll be able to choose from three, but sometimes the game will present you with four options.

    In this way, you can acquire new weapons or items and – more importantly – improve the ones you have. Of course, in the early levels, some weapons may seem more effective than others, but none of them will help you survive if you don’t upgrade them. So, after leveling, you should upgrade your weapons so they reload faster, deal more DPS, etc.

    But even this will not be enough to destroy all the enemies in your path. So, if you want to dominate the battlefield, you have to upgrade your arsenal into more powerful weapons. And for that you have to fulfill several conditions:

    • You have to unlock and upgrade the desired weapon or weapons to the maximum level.
    • You have to unlock the required inactive items.
    • You must defeat the boss, which spawns in 10 minutes most of the time, and unlock the treasure. But in some stages, you may find these chests more often.

    After all three conditions are met, you will be able to get your weapon’s finished form. But before you can find the treasure you have to fulfill the first two conditions, otherwise you won’t get the desired weapon. The exceptions are Unions and Gifts as some of these do not require passive objects. Therefore, knowing the evolution of vampire survivors’ combos – or rather weapons – is very important.

    Weapon Evolution Combos

    Standard game evolution

    Gifts and bracelets

    Moonspell DLC Legacy of Evolution

    Foscari DLC Tides of Evolution


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