Congratulations pet lovers, Wuthering Waves makes you jump when you bump into a cat


    As someone who recently played Little Kitty, Big City and had my share of being a cat tripping over pedestrians, this little detail in Wuthering Waves filled me with joy. Let me introduce you to this fun reaction that KURO GAMES decided to add to this gacha RPG.

    You can see in the image above that my Rover crossed paths with a cat (and a dog!) while exploring Jinzhou, the first city in the game.

    Just a little FYI for dog and cat lovers, once you enter Jinzhou for the first time and see a dog on your right, follow the path to the right and then turn right again. You will come to a street with three dogs and two cats lazing around.

    What happens when you run around dogs and cats in Wuthering Waves?

    When you use the sprint feature and run in Wuthering Waves, you will automatically jump over any cats or dogs that are in your way.

    This fun feature is a much better alternative to simply running into or running through the animal. Cats don’t mind you jumping them at all and will continue on as if you were never there.

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    Dogs don’t mind either, but you can interact with dogs more than cats.

    Interacting with dogs at Wuthering Waves

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    As you can see, when you are standing next to a dog, you have three options: Sit, Pet, and Feed. You can only feed a dog if you have food in your inventory, and a menu will appear when you choose this option, allowing you to watch the dog devour everything you give it.

    Sitting is nice, but technically the dog lies down instead of sitting.

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    Now, the pet is the cutest. Although there is no animation for the Rover, the dog will act as if you have just petted it. They get up and start jumping, it’s adorable!

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