WoW Dragonflight – Primal Infusions Explained


    Primal Infusions are WoW Dragonflight’s answer to breaking the 392 item level cap with crafted gear. While they are not difficult to understand, there are some subtle details that we would like to mention that can help you get them. This is what we know about Primal Infusions.

    WoW Dragonflight – Detailed Primal Infusions

    If you’re looking to craft something above item level 392, then you’ll need to get your hands on Primal Infusion. To do so, you will need two main resources:

    • 10x Primal Focus
    • 100x primal chaos

    Primal Focuses drop from any Mythic+ dungeon at +11 or higher, and also drop from heroic boss kills in the Vault of the Incarnate raid. Primal Chaos can be obtained by doing almost any activity available in Dragonflight, including PvP.

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    By combining 10 Primal Focus with 100 Primal Chaos, you will be able to create a primal infusionwhich allows you to craft items at item level 395 – 405. Also, there is a higher level of Primal Infusion you can obtain called concentrated primary infusion. While it works extremely similar to a normal Primal Infusion, it requires slightly different resources:

    • Concentrated Primal Focus x10
    • 150x Primal Chaos

    Concentrated Primal Foci can only be obtained from Mythic boss kills in the Vaults of the Incarnate raid. Concentrated Primal Infusions allow you to craft items at item level 408 – 418. Once you have your infusion, go to your respective crafting station, select the item you wish to craft. Click Powered Brew and select your brew. From there, gather your typical resources for the craft and you’re done. Enjoy crafting items above item level 392.

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