Acer unveils eKinekt exercise bike table pedal, work, recharge and recharge


    Acer always received attention with unusual gadgets. In 2018, we noticed the enormous Predator Thronos chair that has vibration and hang-lights and various adjustments. An exercise bike table was shown recently at the Consumer Electronics Show.

    The eKinekt BD 3 exercise bike table is combined with a tabletop and a bike trainer, perforating the asymmetrical pedals and working simultaneously. The idea is to combine exercise and seemingly sedentary work. A simulator also allows you to charge or power USB devices. Is there enough muscle energy for two USB types or one type of technology?

    If an exercise bike runs at 60 o’clock, it will provide power of up to 75 watts; but it does provide energy for an ultrabook. The tabletop is placed on a plastic tabletop in front of the user.

    The height of the table and the seat can be flexibly adjusted. The exercise bike can work in two modes: work table is moved closer to the seat, which allows you to sit upright during the set. The tabletop moves further away from the seat and gives more room for pedaling, and the movement he raises can’t be resuscitated. This allows, for example, to increase muscle load and generate energy in the mobiles. Acer added a cup holder and a bag hook.

    The built-in LCD and mobile application display show the information about the exercise, such as time you travel, duration of your trip, speed and calories burned. It’s recommended to create a profile where you define height, weight, gender and age. An indicator on the back of the machine shows how much muscle energy is converted into electricity.

    The exercise bicycle table Acer eKinekt is due for 999 o’clock in June.


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