Doctor Strange 2 is a young concept art that leaves fans feeling robbed


    Doctor Strange In Multiverse of Madness was one of last year’s most praised films, winning in nearly a billion dollars in the global box office on a $200 million budget. Though Benedict Cumberbatch returned from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after his role in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which premiered half a year ago and was easily pulled in two billion dollars, many fans cried out. We decided to let the film play out just how much was missing, and in fact we could finally know why.

    It can not always mean worse, but the original plans for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness definitely seem interesting, for one’s view. PRESENT-SEE:View the short version of this news or swipe up to keep reading.

    Sam Raimi decided not to direct Doctor Strange 2 instead. I think Scott Derrickson, a horror horror star, should be the helm again to do the follow-up. If there was an issue with creativity (if you ask Kevin Feige), and a mental health break (as per Derrickson said), the Sinister director vacated his role and remained on the board as a directing producer.

    It meant that Sam Raimi had only two years between 2020 and the movie’s release in 2022 to stamp on the film while making sure Kevin Feige did all that.

    A right collaboration between Sam Raimi and Scott Derrickson would lead to a good Cosmic Horror entry for the MCU.

    As we do, there is nothing more wrong with Raimi’s efforts, but over the last few months, we’re beginning to find out what Derrickson had originally planned for the sequel. Someone on Reddit made up all of the legitimate information they could have about the potential plot for Derrickson’s Doctor Strange follow-up, and it could’ve made for a very different movie.

    Actually, Doctor Strange is still a cosmic horror movie presumably inspired by “The Mountain of Madness”. With the emergence of The Scarlet Witch as the primary villain, Derrickson’s original plans were to bring in Nightmare and deepen its psyche.

    We’ve got confirmation of some of the details explained by this user and the various concepts that have emerged over the past few days confirm what could have been a drastically different take on one of last year’s biggest hits.

    Since the early concept arts have become increasingly popular, Kevin Feige may want to take notes for the next Doctor Strange movie.

    The much darker version of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness received a lot of praise online. Some fans even exclaim that audiences got robbed by what was described as a better film. It’s unclear how Doctor Strange 2 would have gone if Derrickson didn’t leave, but the pictures show Wong, Mordo and Wanda Maximoff helping Strange make sense of what’s happening to the multiverse.

    Let’s just ask for water under the bridge. Doctor Strange 2 is a potentially good film and could even better than Raimi’s version. We can only imagine what the movie would have looked like if Derrickson stayed on. Nightmare is a real Doctor Strange villain that would have made for a more compelling storyline than a corrupted Wanda. While we’re glad Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was interesting enough to get Raimi out of his job and then return to acting superhero movies after Spider-Man 3 re-imagined, what could have been.

    The story of the Doctor Strange also comes out and will be in theater. With this approach, both Raimi and Derrickson will create a better Lovecraftian horror entry for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Doctor Strange 3 is not expected to start until the end of the current decade.

    Doctor Strange 3 is expected not to premiere soon. It’s very likely that it will be a part of the entire 7th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after The Multiverse Saga ends with the delayed first of the Avengers: Secret Wars film, on May 1st 2026. In the past, Secret Wars would take a page from Endgame’s book, but a multiverse may feature instead of time travel.


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