Witcher Showrunner knows how Netflix will keep its canceled seasons



    With Netflix’s The Witcher series already having aired two seasons, and with two more planned, fans wondered if Lauren Schmidt Hissrich had an idea of how things would be going.

    When I have my executive at Netflix, I wanted to always have an endpoint in mind. For me, only once you start just writing about the story without knowing where they are going, you can get lost, said Collider. And what I think that is very interesting about what we have figured out, the answer to your question in two ways, yes, I fully know where the series will end. I know what season has to end. I know how things have to end, which is very exciting.

    Hissrich talked about how even though the series is much adapting to Andrzej Sapkowskis The Witcher books, fans won’t know exactly how the seasons going, especially in light of the fact that the series brings several books into the same season.

    Several people think that you might a season of TV tell me that that’ll be this book, but clearly, that’s something that we can’t do because there are some books that are like Blood of Elves, which season two was about to loosely look after, said Hissrich. Since we didn’t get enough action to keep going, we then took off some bits of Baptism of Fire. While a few short stories start, I mean that the documentary Declans, A Grain of Truth, kicked off Season 2. Thus immediately we know that we should be flexible in the way the books are divided up, and how the seasons are split up and Declans right. From the beginning onwards I turned that in my head.

    From the stories and a novel of Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcheris was created and produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who also plays the showrunner. Sean Daniel and Jason Brown of Sean Daniel Company are executive producing together with Tomek Baginski and Jarek Sawko of Platige Image.



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