Grimm Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan



    A visual guide to the pearl puzzle.

    How to Solve the Pearl Puzzle


    This puzzle looks really hard, and it’s easy to put together yourself. But the actual solution takes only a few tricks.


    Reorder the puzzle. Here’s what it looks like after the reset:

    Starting positions

    Set the two small circles as shown (red is left, purple is right). Do not rotate the large circle yet.

    Rotate the large circle.

    Rotate the large circle completely, until the red and purple beads move to their respective circles.

    Once you do this this is what it will look like:

    Rotate the purple.

    Rotate the purple twice counter-clockwise (i.e. move by 2 beads), so it looks like this:

    Turn red.

    Rotate the red clockwise once, so it looks like this:

    Rotate the large circle again.

    Rotate the beads completely to move them to their respective parts, like this:

    Final positions

    Move the rest of the beads into position.

    Spin the big circle one last time.

    Complete the puzzle.



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