Time to vote for the Destructoids Community Game for 2022


    Vote or Die (not really).

    Step right up; you’re time for you to make your voice heard in the annual debate of the year for Destructoid Community Game. After all of us announced this year our award, now it’s time you, the best gaming community, to approve one of the hundreds of games this year. If you know you for a few years, that process will be pretty similar to the last, but I’ll explain why our democratic system is based on the ones who don’t know.

    Here at Destructoid we use the ranked voting system to decide which game wins the coveted Community Game of the Year. It works as a magic magic magic potion. You win three points from first choice, second choice two and third choice one. Finally at the end of the vote, we’re getting the point, and everyone who has the highest points is winner. It gives small games at least a fighting opportunity to win and helps you choose the big-name releases you enjoyed, too.

    Below, you will see the form to write to you about your vote. I havecompiled a list of over 200 games released during the previous year’s eligibility (December 1, 2021 November 30, 2022) and while I tried my best to get what I could, I am sure I missed some. The complete list of games on the ballot are here and you can peruse it and then enter the form and make your selection. There are also a few rules.

  • For one dollar, more info in the lower one’s sys.
  • To be ranked for the same field, you can vote for one more or two times on the ballot because it fails to rank the votes for the same game.
  • Ballot stuffing is going to be under wrap this year. Previously we’ve had difficulties getting the votes overwhelmed by some people who didn’t get too much time for themselves and whereas in previous years I have let it slide. It was over now. Any vote that seems suspicious will be wiped. I think people would like to do this but if I were to limit all voting, it would be necessary for me to give people the a Google account and I do not think that people would like it.
  • The voting form can be found here. We’ll continue voting until Thursday, Jan. 6, 2023. Thank you for reading and sharing this wonderful community we call our internet home.


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