Will MW3 be on Game Pass?


    With the Activision-Blizzard and Microsoft merger finalized, many people are wondering if Modern Warfare 3 is coming to Xbox Game Pass. If you’re waiting for that to happen, you might not want to hold your breath.

    Is Modern Warfare 3 coming to Game Pass?

    Modern Warfare 3 may fall under the Microsoft umbrella with the merger, and we’ve seen first-party games come to Game Pass, but it looks like MW3 will be an exception. Activision said they see fan excitement about the series possibly moving to Game Pass, but MW3 and Diablo 4 won’t make the jump right away.

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    “While we have no plans to include Modern Warfare III or Diablo IV in Game Pass this year, once the deal closes, we hope to begin working with Xbox to bring our titles to more players around the world.” Activision confirmed. “And we anticipate that we would begin adding games to Game Pass sometime next year.”

    There’s a chance we’ll see it hit the service in 2024, but we’ll be much closer to the release of the next game in the franchise by the time that happens. If you want to play MW3 on Xbox, your best bet is to buy it directly when it comes out.

    When will MW3 be on Game Pass?

    Over time, we’ll probably see the long list of Call of Duty games on Game Pass, but Activision’s statement makes it seem like the earliest that will happen is 2024. It will certainly happen at some point, but you’ll probably have to buy the games if you want to play them in the immediate future.

    The same can be said for other Activision franchises like Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft. We’ll see them join Game Pass in the future, but the wait could be longer than expected. There is still a lot to do behind the scenes.

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