Fallen Lien and Peso Lords, Explained


    Taking on enemies is no joke in Lords of the Fallen, and I’ve realized how important it is to block and dodge incoming attacks as much as possible. Load and weight play an important role in being able to dodge effectively during combat. To balance them properly, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right equipment and putting your skill points into the right stats. Continue reading below to learn all the details about loading and how to increase your weight capacity.

    Lords of the Fallen Loading and Weight Guide

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    In the left side menu, you will see a load meter that will display Light, Medium, or Heavy. These measurements are based on your current weight, determined by your armor and weapons. The more weight your items have, the more your cargo meter will increase.

    How does the lien affect you in Lords of the Fallen?

    Basically, the more charge you have, the slower you will become and the less distance your dodges will take you. However, a higher loadout usually means that your defense will also be higher since you will be wearing heavier armor. Light Encumbrance will allow you to move faster with attacks and dashes and dodge greater distances.

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    How to increase your weight capacity in Lords of the Fallen

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    If you’re hoping for a lighter load, you’ll want to put on lighter armor and pay close attention to how much the item you have equipped weighs. However, you can also increase your weight capacity, allowing your load to be less affected by heavy objects, by putting points into certain skills when you level up. To increase your weight capacity, you will want to place points on Endurance and Vitality. Both of these stats will increase the weight displayed on the right side and allow you to carry more weight without increasing your load too much.

    While armor protection is essential when fighting enemies, it is also important to have a well-balanced loadout so that you can move more freely during combat and dodge effectively. Keep a close eye on your weight when equipping items and make sure you keep progressing with the right stats.

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