Best starting class in Lords of the Fallen


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    When it comes to Souls-type games, choosing your starting class can completely define your character build from the start. That initial distribution of stats and starting equipment can determine how well you progress throughout the game. Lords of the Fallen has 10 starting classes, but of those 10, which one is the best to start with? I have your answer, but it is not what I would expect.

    What is the best starting class in Lords of the Fallen?

    I’ve been playing Souls games for a long time, so maybe you see my opinion on this is biased. The best starting class in Lords of the Fallen is, without a doubt, the Condemned. Now wait. Do not go! I can explain my reasoning, but first you have to listen to me.

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    The Condemned class is a class that starts with almost nothing and has the worst starting stats of any other class in the game. Your weapon of choice, if you choose the Damned, is a wooden cube. Yes, you are extremely weak as Damned early in the game, but the reason I recommend it is because of those starting stats. The class starts with nine in the game’s six stats. This is terrible, but it also allows you to completely customize your build, more than any other class in the game. Builds in souled games are extremely important as they determine how easy or difficult the game is for you. As a Souls veteran, the Condemned class is your best long-term option and is the class I’m playing right now.

    The best alternative starting class in Lords of the Fallen

    Still, if choosing the Damned is too complicated a choice for you, I can also recommend starting with the Holy Knight. The class starts the game with a shield and decent armor, making your first few encounters pretty simplistic. He’s your knight in shining armor, so he’s a safe bet. You also start the game with a large stamina reserve, making avoiding and blocking attacks quite easy.

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