Who is that secret character at the end of Spider-Man 2?


    With Spider-Man 2 finally out, it won’t be long before the most avid wall-crawlers take credit. For those who do, a surprise character reveal is one of the last things you’ll see in a post-credits stinger. But this may leave you wondering – who is being teased?

    Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is heading towards the end.

    With Peter and Miles’ big team-up adventure now complete, developer Insomniac Games looks set to suggest a new spider-powered hero, introducing this universe’s version of Cindy Moon aka Silk.

    Silk is a recent addition to the Marvel canon, first appearing in the 2014 relaunch of The Amazing Spider-Man series. The character, created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, is one of several heroic leads that have spanned the Spider-Man universe.

    In her original comic incarnation, Sandy Moon is a Korean-American young woman bitten by a Peter Parker-like radioactive spider. While their powers come from the same source, many of Silk’s familiar abilities have slightly different twists, including organic webbing and a more sophisticated spider sense commonly referred to as “Silk Sense”.

    Unlike Peter, who later became a superhero, Cindy spent her early years in isolation in a locked room under the guise of being protected from predators. In the years since his reappearance, the character has been involved in a variety of superhero shenanigans, including a close relationship with Peter Parker, a stunt undercover for SHIELD, and a multiverse mix of spider-powered characters. There are a number of depths involved.

    Aside from her comic history, in the new Spider-Man 2 game, we get almost no indication of how Sandy Moon might be involved in any potential future games. In fact, while it’s almost certain that this is Cindy who has become Silk in the comic universe, there is no indication that this new game avatar has yet acquired the superpower to transform into Silk.

    At several points during the game, we learn that Rio Morales’ mother is dating a new partner after the untimely death of Jefferson Davis. But it’s not until after the end of the game that Miles (and his new girlfriend, Haley Cooper) are at the house for dinner with Rio’s new friend. When the door opens, we meet Albert and his daughter Cindy, but all we see is a brief wave from him (and no shot of his face) before the brief flirtation ends. go

    With Spider-Man 2 just released to the public, avid Silk fans will have a very, very long wait ahead of them before we learn more about his potential role in any future games. can Also, the current game title, Spider-Man 2, gives a nod to two separate Spider-Heroes. It’s certainly not a stretch to think that a third hero could be involved in a Spider-Man 3 game after this, and Silk could play a major role in such a project.


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