How to change suits in Spiderman 2


    One of the main features of Spider-Man 2 is the number of customization options for both Peter and Myles. With over 70 outfits to choose from, he couldn’t wait to see what kind of outfits he could create. This guide will explain how to change suits and customize your Spidey in Spider-Man 2.

    How to change clothes in Spider-Man 2 explained

    To change clothes in Spider-Man 2, you must Complete the third story mission. before this option is available. After receiving instructions to obtain clothes and dress up, the option will be permanently available to you from that point on. To open the Suits menu, follow the steps below:

    • press the Touch panel on your PS5 controller.
    • Use the R1 and L1 buttons to navigate the menu bar until you find the Suits Tab.
      • The Outfits tab is located between the Map and technology suit menu tabs.
    • Once in the Outfits menu, you can customize Peter and Myles’ appearance by cycling through them. R2 and L2.
    • Press X to confirm your choice when deciding which costume you want to equip with your character.

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    I must admit that the absence of the Outfits menu at the beginning of the game also confused me. However, after completing the third mission, where I was tasked with getting a bag of clothes, I was finally introduced to the Suits system. Finally, I was able to try on the Deluxe Edition costumes I got with the game, and I must say they look fantastic!

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