How long is the game Spiderman 2?


    Spider-Man 2 reunites Peter Parker and Miles Morales in a new adventure that fans of the franchise can’t wait to experience. Having played both the first game and the Miles Morales spin-off, I was wondering how long the official sequel to the game would be. We will answer this question in the guide below.

    How long to beat Spider-Man 2?

    While your mileage may vary, there is a general consensus among the gaming community that it would take you about 18 hours of play to complete the main story mission of Spider-Man 2. Speaking from personal experience, it took me around 20 hours to complete, so I guess I wasn’t too far off average. If you’re looking forward to collecting all the unlockable costumes and other perks this game has to offer, you may have up to 30 hours of gameplay.

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    I’m glad to see that this sequel is a significant step up from the Miles Morales game, which took much less time to complete, leaving us all wanting more. Considering the game is a spin-off title and not a full release, this is something to keep in mind. This time around, we will definitely see more of the charming character of Miles Morales and his amazing voice actor in action.

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