Which entrance to The Slums should you choose at High on Life?



    The first reward you get in High on Life will ask you to head to The Slums. However, before you get there, you will come across a couple of guards standing in front of the entrance. One is blue and one is red, and each one is guarding the entrance of their respective color. As you get closer, you’ll be asked to settle a debate between the two: which one is sexier? You will be given the choice between the red guard, the blue guard, or two ways of not answering the question. Unfortunately, you have the answer if you want to continue. So which guard is the best in High on Life?

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    Which guard is the best in High on Life?

    The two guards won’t give you much to go on besides their appearance and general personality between them. Considering the fact that they both look identical, you will have to make your decision according to your preference. If you choose the red guard, he’ll be ecstatic and claim that he normally doesn’t get picked at all. Especially when it’s between him and the blueguard. It will then open the entrance for him so he can enter The Slums and collect the reward at 9-Torg.

    If you choose the blue guard, he will taunt the red guard and claim his superiority. He will then open his entrance so you can enter The Slums. Realistically, it doesn’t matter which one you choose because both will lead you to the same place.

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