How to Get Netflix Witcher Gear for The Witcher 3


    CD Projekt Red has released the next-gen update for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. This update adds several graphical improvements, including ray tracing, new camera modes, quality of life improvements, a new Gwent card, and content inspired by the Netflix Witcher series. The main addition is a new quest tied to the Netflix Witcher team. Here’s how to get Netflix Witcher gear for The Witcher 3.

    How to start the Netflix downloadable content search in The Witcher 3?

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    To get the Netflix Witcher gear, you need to complete the new In The shadow of eternal fire search. To begin this quest, head to the Devil’s Pit in Velen. The closest fast travel outpost is the Hangman’s Tree.

    In Devil’s Pit you will meet a Priest of Eternal Fire, who will start the quest. At the end of the quest chain, you will receive the manufacturing diagrams for the Forgotten Wolven Witcher starting equipment. Geralt will need to craft the armor and weapons at a Blacksmith or Gunsmith.

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    How to get Grandmaster Forgotten Wolf Gear in Witcher 3?

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    Completing the In the Shadow of Eternal Fire quest will start a new treasure hunt quest; Scavenger Hunt: Forgotten Wolves School Team. To find the Mastercrafted and Grandmaster variants of the armor, you’ll need to fast travel to Kear Morhen.

    In the main library, you will find Osmund’s notes which will give you the diagrams to create the master and grandmaster forgotten Wolven Witcher gear.

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