Should you stab Gene with Knifey in High on Life?


    There are a multitude of weapons that players can use in High on Life, but one of the most prominent is the sentient knife, aptly named knife. Kinfey can deal serious damage against enemies and bosses, such as Krubis, but players also have the option to backstab an ally. Shortly after retrieving Knifey from 9-Torg’s gang, they return home where the chattering gun begs to be stabbed in Gene. There is an achievement related to stabbing Gene, so players should seize the opportunity while they can.

    What happens if you stab Gene with a Knifey in High on Life?

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    Stabbing Gene doesn’t really have much of an impact on the game or its story and really just adds a few extra lines of dialogue. Knifey will beg players to let him stab Gene, and it’s always nice to help out a friend. There’s no major downside to doing so, and you’ll unlock an achievement when the act is complete, so everyone wins… except Gene.

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    It’s unclear if players get a chance to backstab Gene and get the achievement later in the game, so it’s a good idea to seize the opportunity when it comes your way. There are a few different optional actions like this throughout the game, such as defeating 5-Torg, and it’s generally a good idea to take advantage of these opportunities while you can.

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