Which echo should you choose in the Wuthering Waves Echo Summon event?


    Echoes are the lifeblood of your characters in Wuthering Waves, as they are the most important “items” you will seek to obtain for them. If you are participating in the Echo Summon Event Hoping to get a head start on launch, here are the best Echoes you should pick up.

    The best echo you should enjoy at the Wuthering Waves Echo Summoning event

    The Echo Summoning event is largely an event focused on publicity for the upcoming Wuthering Wave release. However, it does offer some interesting perks for players, such as free Asterite (the game’s premium currency) and a free Echo of your choice once the game has launched.

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    As someone who played the latest Wuthering Wave CBT (closed beta test 3) extensively, I can say that your Echo choice in this event is not as difficult as it seems. Actually, you should opt for any Echo that has a cost of ‘3’ listed in the Echo Gallery. What I mean by this? Let me explain.

    For clarity, all Echoes in Wuthering Waves have a numerical cost associated with them in the upper left corner of your image. This cost is tied to the game’s equipment system, where equipping an Echo costs the value shown.

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    There is a maximum value that cannot be exceeded on each character, which limits what combination of Echoes you can use on them. For example, you can’t cast five ‘3’ cost Echoes, as you’ll run out of space too quickly and lose stats.

    As for the event, you want to choose a ‘3′ costs echobecause the higher the cost value, the better the statistics You’ll get on the Echo. You want to get as close to the equipment limit as possible without having empty Echo slots, and you’ll be able to use ‘3’ cost Echos to help you achieve this.

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    The other reason you want to go for a ‘3’ cost Echo is because it has a stronger active ability. In fact, the higher the cost value of an Echo, the more powerful its active ability tends to be. Taking this into account, I recommend opting for the Cyan Feathered Heron either Flutist as your choice, as his abilities saw some use in the closed beta, although that is always subject to change for launch.

    Does the choice of your Echo event matter in Wuthering Waves?

    Finally, your choice of Echo doesn’t matter. The main reason for this is that all Echoes will come with randomized stats, similar to how Artifacts did in Genshin Impact (if you’re familiar). You’ll be actively farming Echos throughout your time with Wuthering Waves, so you’ll probably forget which Echo you chose before long. What’s more, the echoes are arable free, no resistance cost, meaning that this single echo of this event has little long-term value. The odds of this single-event Echo coming out with amazing stats are very low, due to the nature of RNG-based stats, so don’t worry about that.

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