Wartales Whip Guide: How to Craft and Use It


    Quests and combat are at the heart of the medieval strategy RPG Wartales, but having a small camp makes life much easier. If you want to get your mates in shape, read on for my complete Whip guide below.

    Make the whip in Wartales

    The whip is a Strange object of camping equipment which can be crafted by a Tinkerer in your camp’s Workshop once you have the recipe. To get the whip recipe in Wartales, you must first purchase the broth recipe from Tiltren prison (see map below). You will then need to create the stock and add it to your camp. Once this is done, you will automatically get the whip recipe added to your compendium in the Tinkerer section.

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    To make the Whip in Wartales you will need 6 leather, 6 woodand 4 rope. As with other Camp accessories, you can only craft one whip. It will appear in your inventory once done and you can place it anywhere in your camp (it looks like a wooden cross). Any companion can then be assigned to the Whip. There is no improved version. of the Whip and does not open any new recipes.

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    How to use the whip in Wartales

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    Once you have created, placed, and assigned a companion to the whip, you can begin using it. Select the whip and choose Wear from the menu. This will open a list of companions, and anyone wearing camping gear (who may be affected by the whip) will have their names highlighted in white. Any companion you choose will be whipped at your next camp.

    Using the whip doubles a colleague’s productivity. It can be used with companions who use the Workshop, Meat drying rack, Hiveand tanning rack. Once selected, you can click on them again to deselect them. However, if you hit a teammate too many times, they will die (there is no set time limit for this. You can heal a unit that gets the Lash injury status as usual). There’s also no permanent benefits to use the whip. It only affects a partner during breaks when he is being spanked.

    Making a whip also opens up the possibility of Make an example of them! benefit in the Knowledge section Compendium. Taking this increases the productivity of all units (whether they are being whipped or not) on turns in which a unit being whipped dies.

    When to use the whip

    It is advisable only Use the whip on expendable prisoners. that you do not want or have refused to join your party. If you don’t have enough companions to use all your devices when camping, this is a cost-effective (if barbaric) way to get some extra resources. It is not advisable to use it with partners you want to keep, as spanking causes injuries and quickly deteriorates relationships.

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