How to become a Quincy in the Mugetsu Project


    Fans of classic anime and manga have been flocking to the Bleach-inspired Mugetsu ARPG Project on Roblox. It is now possible to become a Quincy in the game, so read on to find out exactly how to do it in my guide.

    Roblox Project Mugetsu – How to Become a Quincy Guide

    Image from professional game guides via the Mugetsu Trello Project

    The first thing you should do if you want to choose the Quincy career in Roblox Project Mugetsu is find the hospital. I’ve marked it on the map above, but it’s possible to go around in-game (and it’s not obvious that the building is a hospital). The easiest way to find it is to start at the bridge.

    With your Return to the bridge so that you are facing the city., follow the road straight and take the first left turn. Continue on this road as it turns right and stay on it until you see a construction site to our left (there is a lot of sand on the ground and cranes on site). Cut diagonally across the work and you will see the hospital on the other side.

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    Becoming a Quincy in Project Mugetsu: new quest guide

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Cross the hospital parking lot to the main door, where you will find a NPC named Fresco sitting on the floor. She talks to him to start the mission. Please note that you can only talk to Fresh if you are still a human. Fresh will ask you to find a key. To complete this you will need to defeat two Rogue Shinigami Who you will see in the parking lot you are in.

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    This gives you the Room 9 key. Enter the hospital through the door next to Fresh. Inside the room, you will find the Quincy Book (You can’t enter until you have the key). Now she goes to the road behind the hospital and talks to the NPC Douda. Douda will teleport you to Hueco Mundo.

    Becoming a Quincy in the Mugetsu Project – Tyrone’s Quest

    Image from professional game guides via the Mugetsu Trello Project

    Once in Hueco Mundo, go around the small map to the west side, where you will see a cave in the mountain at the top of a long flight of steps (marked on the map above). You can’t miss it thanks to the blue glow.

    You will find an NPC called tyrant inside. Talk to him and he will ask you to pick up a hollow mask. The gap you need is highlighted in red, so you can’t miss it. Once you defeat him and collect the mask, give it to Tyrone to teleport to Yhwach.

    When this teleportation occurs, you have a 80 percent chance of becoming a Quincy. If you don’t become a Quincy on your first try, you will have to repeat the mission until you succeed. It is unlikely that more than two attempts will be necessary, but it is possible.

    Image via Official Mugetsu Trello Project

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