Where to spend Ancient Bronze Ingots in WoW Dragonlight Season 4


    World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 4 is underway and with it comes a new overhaul of previous raids, new mounts, a new PvP season, and more. Today we’ll look at the latest currency introduced to help equip your champions with powerful armor and weapons. Let’s take a look at ancient bronze ingots and where to spend them.

    Where to spend ancient bronze ingots

    To spend your hard-earned bullion, you’ll want to head to Splitting Glass, a building with a handful of vendors waiting to trade you some excellent gear. Finding the broken crystal is a little confusing, but with our handy map, you’ll save yourself a few minutes of aimless flying.

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    You’ll find the entrance to Splitting Glass in The Bronze Enclave, which is located east of Valdrakken and directly north of The Emerald Enclave. Our handy map above marks the exact location. It’s a fairly large tunnel that leads to a spacious room with a few dozen NPCs and probably other players looking for their loot. Once inside you will notice a handful of vendors, the main three to keep an eye out for are Izzy, Iszinormi and Mirioszin, these three are where you will want to direct your spending.

    Izzy and Iszinormi each have a selection of trinkets, rings, main hand weapons, and secondary items for you to purchase. There is no armor available for these two, except for a singular cloak, but you will surely receive a considerable damage boost by acquiring one of the weapons in their stock. Each purchase of Izzy and Iszinormi will cost you two Ancient Bronze Ingots, so make sure you have a pair before looking for new gear.

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    Mirioszin is a bit special; It sells purely cosmetics and a special frame. The mount is worth 3 Ancient Bronze Ingots, while the cosmetics can be purchased with one each. With some ingots stored away, you can dress up however you want without needing RNGesus to bless your loot.

    How to get ancient bronze ingots

    To get an Ancient Bronze Ingot, you must participate in the new Awakened Raids and kill the bosses inside. The community reports that it is a random drop chance for each boss, however, you are limited to one per character per week. Please note that this new currency is in no way an alternative way to earn money, but rather is intended to protect you and others from extreme bad luck.

    That’s all we have where to spend antique bronze ingots. If you’re looking for more World of Warcraft content, check out the WoW Season of Discovery DPS Tier List, WoW Dragonflight – The Mythic Plus Problem, and more in Pro Gaming Guides.

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