Trails of Cold Steel mobile game is finally coming to the West – here’s what we know about the Northern War


    Trails of Cold Steel: NW will finally hit global servers in May 2024. The mobile version of the much-loved interlude chapter of the Trails of Cold Steel series will feature the fan-favorite Class VII and new faces from a neighboring region. With just a month to go until launch, here’s everything you need to know about Trails of Cold Steel: NW and how to pre-register before launch.

    What is Trails of Cold Steel NW about?

    Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War explores the timeline between Cold Steel II and III, focusing on the politics between North Ambria and Erebonia. The story follows Lavi, Martin, Iseria and Talion, who embark on a mission to infiltrate the Erebonian Empire. Familiar faces from Thors Military Academy will appear in the mobile game, which offers a broader view of the world compared to the anime of the same name.

    If you didn’t already know, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is a JRPG series developed by Nihon Falcom and follows the story of the beloved Class VII of Thors Military Academy as they make peace with the complicated political system of Erebonia and its unimaginable dangers. that lurk in the shadows. The combination of fantasy and mecha in a school setting offers an experience like no other, with the most likable cast of characters, unforgettable NPCs, and a legendary daddy tier list that chronic fans will always remember and love.

    Most of the events of the Cold Steel series only cover Erebonia, but The Legend of Heroes is home to a huge, complex world explored in other games in the same franchise.

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    Trails of Cold Steel Northern War Release Date

    Trails of Cold Steel: NW is set to launch its global servers in May 29, 2024. It’s a strategy-focused turn-based RPG with cinematic S-Crafts and graphics reminiscent of classic Legend of Heroes games. It introduces a tile-based character placement system to add to the battle strategy and involves both world and dungeon exploration. The game has a gacha system that allows you to search for characters in all Legends of Heroes factions.

    How to pre-register for Trails of Cold Steel NW

    Trails of Cold Steel: NW is available for both Android and iOS. If you are an Android user, go to Google Play Store to find the game (published by USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.), then click the “Pre-Register” button to complete the registration. If you’re on iOS, you can find the same game on App Store. Click the “GET” button to complete pre-registration and then play at launch to claim your rewards on time.

    You can also pre-register with your email directly at the website. Doing so can potentially link your email to additional rewards, so consider signing up for multiple emails if you plan to sign up again.

    Trails of Cold Steel NW Pre-Registration Rewards

    Trails of Cold Steel: NW offers cumulative rewards based on pre-registration milestones. If you want more rewards at launch, help boost the numbers by signing up across all your devices and emails! The list of rewards is as follows:

    Milestone Rewards (cumulative)
    Standard Rewards (Regardless of Milestone) SR Tita
    New supply of rangers
    Limited team
    Limited avatar frame
    More than 100,000 users x100,000 Look
    More than 300,000 users x200 Septio
    More than 500,000 users x300JC
    More than 800,000 users Gacha Ticket x10
    More than 1,000,000 users RSS Elie MacDowell

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