Dead by Daylight’s Chaos Shuffle modifier can revolutionize the meta


    The mods have really improved the Dead by Daylight gameplay experience, especially for those who have been playing the asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror title for years. The upcoming DbD Chaos Shuffle mod has the potential to revolutionize the meta and has become a hot topic within the community.

    Chaos Shuffle will be the latest in a line of DBD modifiers, a previously limited game mode that introduced several changes in a test version. Before this, we were able to play the Lights Out modifier, with darker maps and no equipment, as well as My Little Oni, a fun experience with shrunken survivors chased by a gigantic Oni.

    There are currently no exact details on the Chaos Shuffle Dead by Daylight modifier, nor when it will be released, but we can make some guesses based on the name and accompanying image.

    To start, the official image of Dead by Daylight. account x posted contains a benefit block, but instead of a benefit, it shows a question mark. This suggests that the modifier will affect player buffs and that we will eventually have a random buffs mode. The name Chaos Shuffle also points to some sort of random perk mode.

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    Random Perk Roulette is a challenge that many have played over the years by adding all the available perks to an online randomizer and allowing you to choose your loadout. Getting it as a game mode would be fantastic, saving fans around the world a ton of time typing the game’s plethora of goodies into the randomizer.

    If Chaos Shuffle turns out to be a ‘profit roulette’, then many are calling for it to become a permanent game mode, given that it is already a fan-favorite mode. If you’re not happy with the current meta, you can just play Chaos Shuffle since there can’t be a meta if you don’t pick gear.

    Other evidence supporting this theory is Dead by Daylight update 7.7.0, which added the ability for players to see the description of their perks during a game. This would definitely be useful in a game mode where you don’t even know what perks you get until you’re in the trial.

    While all signs point to a roulette-style mode with perks, there are other fan theories about what Chaos Shuffle is that seem viable. One Dead by Daylight Content Creator @ConnorSparkyy He mentioned that he would love to see an exchange of benefits between players. That means you can create a set of perks that are cool and useful, or hilarious and absolutely useless that would go to someone else in a test. This may be too complicated to achieve, but if it’s not in Chaos Shuffle, I’d love to see it with a different modifier.

    Other theories, such as changing benefits after each generator is turned on @DutchWvs or potentially after every Survivor hook would also be a frenetic version of the standard Dead by Daylight experience. There is a lot of room for behavior to play. We hope they do their best and let the mode live up to its name; the more confusing and chaotic, the better.

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