Where to light a campfire in Fortnite (all campfire locations)


    Fire Chakra quests have just been released for Fortnite’s Avatar crossover event, and if you want to get all the rewards on offer, like the Aang Glider, you’ll need to complete as many as possible. For one of them, you’ll need to light a campfire, which is incredibly easy if you know where to find it. Here, I will guide you through all the Fortnite campfire locations for your convenience.

    All Fortnite Campfire Locations

    There are eight campfires on the Fortnite map and most of them are located in the northern section. We’ve marked them all on the map below (thanks Fortnite.gg).

    The eight campfire locations on the Fortnite map | Image source: Fortnite.gg

    For your convenience, I have also listed the campfire locations below:

    1. The refuge of the rebels
    2. North of Rebel’s Roost on the coast
    3. On the island off the north coast of the map.
    4. At the northern edge of the lake, east of Classy Courts.
    5. In the mountains north of Reckless Railways
    6. On the lake island in the center of the map.
    7. By a house east of Grim Gate and north of Restored Reels
    8. Southwest of Pleasant Plaza

    I opted for the bonfire next to the house east of Grim Gate and north of Restored Reels. The building itself is right next to the river that meanders towards the center of the map from the Underworld area. Next to the building you will find the bonfire in an area similar to a stone bonfire.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    I chose this one simply because from my own experience it seemed much quieter compared to some of the others I visited. The bonfire in the center of the map was full of players thanks to the Earth Elemental Shrine being right next to it, so I would avoid it if I were you.

    When you’ve landed next to one, stand next to it and hold E on PC, X on Xbox, or Square on PlayStation to light a bonfire.

    Thus, you will have completed the mission and will have earned 350 Chi to unlock more rewards.

    Do you need to complete other elemental quests? We explain where to destroy the cabbage carts and all the locations of the elemental shrines to help you.

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