How to become a Soul Reaper in Type Soul


    Choosing to play as a Soul Reaper in Type Soul is a strategic move to amplify your PvP abilities. This class features many unique abilities and a versatile moveset, positioning it as the best option for ranked contenders. To ensure that you are well equipped for this transition, we have carefully prepared a comprehensive guide on how to become a Soul Reaper in Type Soul.

    Soul Reaper Progression Guide – Soul Type

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    The first step to becoming a Soul Reaper in Type Soul is to die. After appearing in the game as a human, any NPC character or player on the server will kill you. Doing this will allow you to change your avatar to a lost soul. Now talk to him NPC Kisuke in katakura city to be a member of Soul Society. He should be standing near the edge of the city, on a small plateau-like piece of land. Please use the image below as a pictorial reference of the area. That’s all! You have become a Soul Reaper in Type Soul.

    Earn experience points and improve your rank in Type Soul

    After becoming a Soul Reaper, you will immediately return to Rukongai like an apprentice. The remaining task is to earn experience points by completing quests and leveling up. First of all, before doing anything, I suggest you learn the Flash Step, which does not require any skill points and will help you tremendously in the initial stage.

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    Now, create a party and participate in quests from the quest boards. You can find them all over the map and use the image above as a reference. You’ll soon earn XP points as you complete missions and switch between Apprentice still Grade 5.

    Becoming a Grade 5 is essential as you will gain access to the senkaimon toolthat allows you to travel to the Soul Society. You can access Division Duty missions there, which provides even more experience points. Join the division duties and complete the missions associated with each division.

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    Get Shikai in Type Soul

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    You are eligible to obtain Shikai in Type Soul when you reach Grade 2. Meditate three times and each session will last approximately 20 minutes. So, in total, you should meditate for almost an hour. When you sit down to meditate for the fourth time, you will immediately obtain the Shikai quest.

    The mission revolves around defeating your re-election. Basically, you must defeat an NPC character with the same abilities as your current build. Since it is a replica of your build, you must understand the weakness of it. For example, if your build has a lot of Kendo skill points, all attacks will deal a lot of damage at close range, but will not have long range. Therefore, it will be useful to stay away and attack. Determine what works for your build and use it to your advantage in the fight. Once you do that, you will get Shikai in Type Soul.

    How to get Bankai in Type Soul

    The ultimate goal of a Soul Reaper is to obtain the Bankai. To do this, you must complete three sets of objectives.

    Objective 1: You can complete any of the following tasks to complete the first objective.

    • Win 13 faction raids
    • Win 7 clan wars
    • Win 25 1v1 ranked games.

    Once you have completed the above tasks, visit Katakura Town and talk to the Unrivaled V-NPC near the two department stores. It will give you three more objectives to complete.

    Objective 2: You must complete all of the following objectives to continue and obtain Bankai.

    • Collect 15 Elite Grips
    • Kill the Bawabawa or Jindabo bosses
    • Kill 80 gaps

    After finishing all the missions, talk to him Urahara NPC in the city of Katakura.

    Objective 3: Urahara will ask you to complete a small mini-game that involves collecting swords in a set time. Use your skills to collect everything and finish the challenge.

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    Once you do that, mediate to get the quest to get Bankai. Defeat the Bankai boss to obtain the Bankai in Type Soul.

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