All the voice actors in Hades 2 (so far)


    Hades is one of the best roguelike games of all time, featuring an engaging story, fast gameplay, and the chance to meet many interesting characters. With many new characters to explore in Hades II, you’ll want to know who all the voice actors are.

    List of Hades 2 voice actors

    One of the best parts of Hades is the story of Zagreus trying to escape the underworld, meeting Olympian gods and other characters along the journey. The sequel, Hades II, seeks to revisit this through the perspective of MelinoĆ«, Hades’ sister. His story presents many new charactersbringing back some familiar faces from the original Hades as well. Each of these characters is brought to life by incredible voice acting talent. Here are all the voice actors we know so far in Hades 2.

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    • Apollo -Colin Ryan
    • Aphrodite – Courtney Vineyards
    • Arachne Shelby Heather
    • Artemis – Jamie Landrum
    • Charon -Logan Cunningham
    • chronos – Logan Cunningham
    • Demeter Laila Berzins
    • dora -Erin Yvette
    • Hades – Logan Cunningham
    • Hecate -Amelia Tyler
    • Hephaestus – David B. Mitchell
    • Hestia – Cerris Morgan Moyer
    • Homer – Logan Cunningham
    • hypnos – Greg Kasavin
    • melinoe -Judy Alice Lee
    • Moors – Sterling Sulieman
    • Justice – Becca Q. Co.
    • Odysseus – Jason Marnocha
    • Poseidon – Logan Cunningham
    • Schelemeus – Darren Korb
    • selene- Sara Grayson
    • Zeus – Pedro Canavese

    As more characters and their voice actors are revealed, we will update this list. We expect more characters to be seen in Hades II, so stay tuned for updates to this list accordingly.

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